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7 Best picks among all the Skyrim’s, the most modded game ever

If you are a gamer and the creativity got the best of you? Then you may find that creativity is coming to action into the Skyrim game.

For gamers, Skyrim is the common name. Every gamer has played this once in his lifetime (at least). This game holds the record of being the most modded game ever.

With over 60,000 submissions of the nexus mods and 28,000 for the steam workshop, these games have been a gamers paradise.

Best Skyrim Mods of the most modded game

These mods are liked by everyone, there is no way of stopping that now. The mods are being designed every day, clogging the database. It has become really hard to choose which Skyrim mod game is good to invest your time into.

How to apply for these mod games

If you are interested in playing the Skyrim mod games, then you just have to visit the Skyrim website and have to subscribe to the mod games you want to play.

The game will automatically be downloaded on your system from the steam workshop. There are some mod games that are not available on the site, for that you have to download Skyrim mod extender to get access to the complicated mods.

Well, now you know what these games are and you also know how to get access to the mods. The only thing remaining is to choose the Best Skyrim mods.

Top Skyrim mods you should try

There are more than 80,000 mods available in the market. If you are a new gamer and want to try out some of the Skyrim mod games, it will be very difficult for you to pick one as your first choice.

These mods were made with every imagination possible. It was once a time that whatever your imagination and creativity have to offer, there was a mod available for it.

Here are the best picks among all Skyrim mods games.

[Note: this pick are my personal favorites, a different person can have their different opinion on this matter].

1. Relighting Skyrim

If you have just started playing the Skyrim mod games, then you must have noticed lights coming from a different direction. These lights may or may not have any direction.

To fix this problem, Relighting Skyrim was invented. You can use this mode to make the game more realistic and appealing.

After applying this mod, you can see the light coming from the luminous objects, like fire, lantern, etc.

2. Apocalypse spell mode

This mod game is related to casting spells. When people get bored with all the action-packed and bloody battlefield games, this game hype up in the popularity.

This game contains more than 140 spells at your disposal. You can more or less everything with these spells. Calling basic objects, smashing things into oblivion, calling forth tornado, summoning wild beast, etc.

If you are a person who likes being a top-class mage, this Skyrim mod is for you.

3. Moon path to Elsweyr

Are you bored with exploring the same landscape again and again? Do you want a new visual delicacy to keep you motivated for the games? Moon path Elsweyr is what you are looking for.

This mod game comes with several landscapes. You will never get bored of it. This game has beautiful mountain ranges and dense green forest you to explore.

The landscapes are alluring and quite intriguing for you to enjoy.

4. Monster mayhem

It becomes really boring, clearing the same dungeons, killing the same monsters, winning the same match again and again.

To solve this problem, Monster mayhem was introduced. This mod has more levels and with the unlock of each level, you get a new kind of monster to kill.

These monsters are all different from each other and have different skill sets. You need to come up with a different plan to kill each one of them.

As a gamer, this is what you need. A new monster to kill, and adrenalin rush that comes with that.

If you are a fan of high adrenaline rush gameplay, you can also try some of the best spy video games. [ It has all the best spy video games that you can play to pump up your adrenaline rush.]

5. Reverse crafting

If you are into the role-playing Skyrim mod games, then you are well aware that whenever you clear a quest you are rewarded with items and treasures.

These rewards are worth only if you find a rare or legendary item. otherwise it useless. You have to throw it out.

But here in the Reverse crafting, if you find an item that is worth nothing you can reverse craft it to reuse its material.

This feature of the game make the gameplay interesting and help you to use the worthless items to make legendary weapons.

6. Open cities

Every game has a loading screen, but if you are talking about Skyrim, then you are in for boring dull looking screen. This is where open cities come in. this mod vanishes all the loading screens when you are stalling around the city.

You can take a walk around the city and tour the local areas, while the loading is taking place.

Don’t you think so, this is one of the best ways to utilize your loading time?

7. Tundra defense

Most of the Skyrim games are action-packed games. Fighting monster, exploring dungeons, completing quest and mission are some of the types.

But if you ever feel like that you need a change of pace, you can always go for Tundra defense. This game is based on a defensive tower. You need to build your defensive tower and then have to defend it.

This game is the most balanced game where you can neither slack off or nor be too aggressive. You just have to hold your ground and have to defend the tower you have built.

You can create a small city around the tower, can take help from the other people to defend the tower, and the things are going too easy for you, you can trigger attacks as well.


Skyrim is a very old game to play with. But with the thousands of the Skyrim mods available, this game never gets on my boring side. With the add up of various mods in the game, the game takes a complete change over with alluring dimension, majestic visuals, and smooth gameplay.

Playing the same old boring Skyrim game can be very boring, so why not try some of the Skyrim mods to play with.



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