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Internet of Things (IoT): Its uses and applications in everyday life

Internet of Things (IoT), a system that bridges the gap between daily objects and the internet, is rapidly transforming the way we perform our day to day tasks. From architecture and retail to security and automotive, the impact of IoT is resounding in just about every vertical today. The technology has gained so much momentum over the years that it isn’t considered a hype anymore. Pretty much any physical device nowadays can be converted into an IoT device.

Now while the application of IoT in devices isn’t a dream anymore, its uses are still worth mentioning. IoT reduces the efforts in day to day life and helps a machine or device to handle things that normally require human efforts with ease. It is a technology that is the result of mankind’s effort and willingness to lead a convenient life.

Still, if you’re pondering about the uses of IoT in our daily lives, we have compiled a list of the top applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) that are worth taking note of.

Top uses of IoT in everyday life

Here’s our take on the uses of the Internet of things (IoT) that we are encountering in our daily lives.

1. Application of IoT in Homes

One of the most talked-about uses of IoT is its application in our homes. Today, IoT has a role to play in making our home appliances smarter. Whether you think of lighting systems or home surveillances, IoT is really taking the convenience of our homes to a new level. Take an example of Alexa for instance. This IoT device simply bridges the gap with entertainment and smart systems.

Likewise, home lighting systems and surveillances are integrated with the Internet of Things too. You can switch your house lights on or off simply through a smartphone, or enhance the security of your house by setting up smart IoT security cameras and surveillance systems which enhance the security level to a great extent.

2. The role of IoT in making cities smarter

Creating smart cities is the talk of the hour. But in order to do so, things like water management, traffic management, infrastructural development, and waste or electricity management need to be duly taken care of. There is a huge need to eliminate what we call the day to day hassles of cities. The question is again of bringing that convenience into city people’s lives, and for that to happen, IoT has a massive role to play.

Today, authorities on a local and national level around the world in various countries have begun the integration of IoT into systems like traffic management and infrastructural development to come up with ground-breaking smart solutions. It just goes to show the forte of the Internet of Things (IoT) when it comes to building smart cities.

3. Self-drive cars are taking the road

One of the biggest takes from the Internet of Things (IoT), self-drive cars have already caused a lot of buzz around the world. World tech giants like Google and Tesla have already developed and tested their self-driven vehicles. It has all been possible due to the combined integration of IoT with Machine Learning.

Although there is still uncertainty about how these self-drive cars would perform in countries like India where there is high traffic, the early signs are good. Embedded with sensors and systems that are connected with cloud and internet, these self-driven cars have been able to deal with human lives on the road. Moreover, with the use of Blockchain technology, these self-driven cars are now also protected from any potential cyber threats.

4. IoT in Farming

Farming is another area where the role of IoT is proving to be massive. From water distribution and field surveillance to drip irrigation and crop patterns, the role of IoT in farming is huge. Farmers can now learn a lot more about the patterns of crop simply with the help of IoT.

Likewise, people around the world have begun using drones for surveillance of fields. With specialized IoT tools being developed for farming practices, the life of a farmer has suddenly become a lot convenient.

5. The use of IoT in the retail industry

The impact of IoT on the retail industry has been noteworthy since its arrival. With IoT retail shops being set up today, eCommerce shopping has just become a whole lot convenient. Let’s take an example of Amazon Go for instance. The concept store allows users to shop while going cashless.

All users need to do is to pick a product from the store and it automatically gets added in their cart. Once the shopping is done, users can simply pay through their Amazon wallet. This is a concept that has attracted a huge amount of attention and promises to be the future of retail shopping.

6. IoT in Finance

IoT is impacting the financial sector in a pretty promising way. From cashless payments to immediate and personalized support, the uses of IoT in finance are being applied on multiple levels. Take an example of security.

The fintech industry is already using IoT wearables for security purposes. Smart wristbands like Nymi run biometric authentication by analyzing the heartbeat of a person. Likewise, enhancements in self-payment systems and process automation have brought in tremendously positive responses from users around the world.

Closing point

From home and smart cities to farming and retail, the uses of IoT are many and the technology continues to expand its horizon. Although there are still notable achievements left to be seen in the application of IoT for self-driven cars, early signs predict a good picture ahead.

So if you like this article and wish to share your views on the application of IoT in various industrial verticals, feel free to leave your views in the comments section below.



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