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Uncovering how drone technology is used for out of bounds treasure hunt

Legends say that there are bounties of treasure worth of billions or even trillions of USD buried deep into some hidden part of our world a long time ago. Some of those treasures were hidden during the World War period, while some even many years before then. How can we discover all those great fortunes? Read our tips and uncover the easy way to locate all buried treasure today!

Treasure hunting before the advent of technology was quite a challenging adventure. Efforts made by the ancient treasure hunters haven’t been much productive. Technology in the modern world has, however, provided a great platform for achieving success in our exploration of those hidden treasures today.

Drone technology is an advanced invention used in the modern-day quest for unlocking the key to those hidden riches. Why not give commands to your drone while you just sit back and enjoy the game right from your comfort zone?

Deep into the ocean

The underwater drone is a revolutionary invention that has made exploring deep ocean without stepping into the water really. A remote-controlled underwater drone, Trident, was a technological device invented to aid the exploration of treasures within the deep waters. It comes with an HD camera for a clearer and better view of areas to be explored.

The duo inventors, David Lang and Eric Stackpole had the idea of this great invention (OpenROV underwater drone) in 2011. The news of an underwater cave with loads of gold in North California inspired the inventors.

Trident is a waterproof drone, which meets the need of any ocean explorer. It comes with a tether to ensure your device doesn’t go out of sight and thrusters to ensure a precise movement and better acceleration. This device is also framed with rubber to avoid potential damage. It can dive and go as far as a hundred meters down the ocean — a distance within the regulated range for drones when exploring the ocean floor.

Trident is a software application that allows its pilot to control the device from their available gadgets such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. The drone swarm technology is designed for diving into the ocean and exploring for metals or treasures.

Drone photography of buried treasures

Some riches are buried deep into the waters, being out of reach without using an aiding technological device like a drone. The latter could also be used to monitor the perimeters where buried treasures are located through the HD drone camera, which transmits images directly into your computers, smartphones, or tablets while you are in the comfort of your house.

The point of using a drone with a camera is to facilitate a closer observation of results. The picture quality of every drone photograph is usually high and easily displayed on the gadgets.

Licensing and registration

Becoming a drone pilot for any purpose requires adequate licensing and registration before any other action. Drones operating under an authoritative organization need to be duly registered and licensed as their use is properly regulated with limitations and liabilities.

A drone license is usually granted to pilots who have fulfilled requirements as provided under the FAA regulations. The FAA regulations also mandated the payment of $5 for drone registration for all commercial drone operators.

Drone licensing and registration is also necessarily needed to safeguard its users against any potential danger. The level of expertise and professionalism is equally of the essence to ensure you cover the required area adequately.

Drone care and maintenance

Hunters of hidden and buried treasures ensure the drone used in their adventure is appropriately maintained to avoid any possible damage or inactivity. You may need to check the drone battery working condition before embarking on your adventure. The battery quality of the device varies based on their brands; however, it must have minimum sustainability of 30 minutes when in use.

Careful use of the quadcopter during exploration is a must. Prepare a checklist to ensure the maintenance procedures are strictly adhered to. Carry out a visual inspection, test the battery, and store the device at a regulated temperature.


Hunting for buried treasures with the use of the latest drone technology is quite an exciting adventure with little effort. You can now get the exploration of the deep ocean and long-distance within your easy control through the use of modern technology — a drone. OpenROV, based on the assertion made by Wikipedia, serves as a low-cost underwater drone built primarily to provide affordable education and promote underwater exploration. Have you ever hunted for any buried treasure? Kindly share your experience.



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