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X attractive and interesting features to know about Android 11

Google has already launched its preview with the new features and updates for Android 11 and it will soon take over the market.

When will the new Android 11 be released?

Google is going to update it around May 2020. Pixel always is the first to bring the new Android updates in the market. The Android 11 preview is already out and users are waiting for the new update, features and new smartphones to be launched. There are also app making companies that will be developing apps for Android 11.

Some great features of Android 11 you should look forward to:

1. Mute notifications during recording

Isn’t it annoying while taking a picture, recording a video you have to pause because a notification just popped up? The new Android 11 comes with the option of blocking all notifications while you are capturing or recording something.

2. Better touch sensitivity

We always use an extra tempered glass covering to save our precious little phone screen, which also results in reduced touch screen responsiveness. With high-quality glass, Android 11 will provide better touch responsiveness even with your tempered glass on.

3. Chat bubbles

You get chat bubbles just like Facebook messengers, you get a pop-up notification so you can have a conversation over other apps with ease. Though a lot of apps are not compatible with that and will require additional permission, it might be useful if media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger would also switch to this making the entire experience easier.

4. Dark mode enabling

The system-wide dark theme will be there with the new Android update. This will let you switch between dark and normal mode. There is a lot of third-party apps that provide dark themes and Google fixed it by providing an option to turn the entire background dark. Even the apps that provide dark modes do not provide a color text which can make it look invisible so it’s hard to see the suggested results, Google has fixed it as users are waiting.

5. One time permissions

You had to take permission for accessing when you open a certain app, with Android 11 you do not have to do that. The permission is only needed one single time.

6. Scrolling screenshot

It is the most anticipated feature, now you can take a screenshot of an entire web page while scrolling on your mobile phone.

7. Airplane mode with Bluetooth

Airplane mode automatically turns off Bluetooth too, and then we had to turn them back on. Taking into account the popularity of Bluetooth earphones, speakers, and other gadgets, Bluetooth had become a necessity. With Android 11, the airplane mode will not turn off Bluetooth.

8. Selective storage

Now apps will only have access to certain parts of your files. This feature brings more privacy to the user. This will lock apps for data protection.

9. Improved notification replies

With the old Android features you could slide down the notification bar and reply to any text without opening the app but with this update, you can not only slide down but also send pictures from the notification bar.

10. Scoped storage

Apps will now have access to only certain parts of your file system. This is regarding providing more security for users so they don’t have to give entire access to their private data to apps and third-party apps.

11. Native screen recording

You obviously want to record your screen, previous updates have promised this feature but it did not happen. The new Android 11 promises this update and will be here soon.

12. The new way to share files

Sharing files over NFC. With the new Android, all you have to do is press your phones together to share files

13. Arrangement of older notifications

In old Android versions, it was hard to find old notifications once you swiped them off. With Android 11 you can access old notification history easily. There will be a section called ‘Notification History’ where you can see through all notifications from the past.

14. Mainline enhancement

Always waiting for a new Android update? Now with Android 11, you can download parts of an Android update on the Play Store itself.

15. Reverse charging

You will have the option of sharing your battery charge on Google Pixel which means the future Pixel will come with reversible charging.

16. Motion control

Certain Android 11 devices will be able to track air movements. They can interact with apps and devices without touching the screen. This update will be the future of hardware.



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