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Which is preferable: JSX or HTML?

Let’s start with a definition of HTML and JSX.

The Primary Distinctions Between HTML and JSX

1. In JSX, you must return a single parent element.

2. In JSX, you can use JS straight away.

export const Article() {
return (
<div>This is Khansa's Article</div>
<div>Hello There!</div>
<p> Add two values together, then multiply them. </p>
Result: {100 + 20 * 2}

3. In JSX, self-closing tags are used.

4. Adding style to an element requires a separate syntax.

HTML → <div style='border: 1px solid black; width:'100px' height:'100px' />
JSX → <input style={{border: '1px solid black', width: '100px' height: '100px' }}/>



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