Surviving the Startup Pop Culture

I haven’t seen ‘The Great Depression’ but I have seen the financial crisis of 2008.

I was only 15 years old in 2008 and a semi alpha nerd. When my friends were studying finance and doing weight-lifting, I was programming day and night.

I was not programming to be rich. Programming was my passion and I used to have wet dreams thinking about starting my startup and building great products. I loved math but never imagined a career in the Wall Street.

My friends were making fun of me because I loved programming instead of stock tradings. And then comes the financial crisis and the only industry that survived it was the tech industry.

By the time, I entered university; I was a star in my family. My dad wasn’t complaining for my refusal to enter law school because my dad liked Sergey Brin more than any lawyer.

That’s my dad appreciating the power of programming

In 2014, I saw a trend that becoming a nerd is sexy and everyone wants to talk about technology.

I was happy until 2016, then I went into depression!

I went into depression because:

  1. I saw people calling themselves techies without knowing the difference between backend and frontend.
  2. People are raising funds through venture capitals without delivering great products or any product. Remember the CEO of Fling ?
  3. Running Artificial Intelligence startups but don’t have Data Scientists working for them.

But I can’t live in depression, can I?

So, this is how I am going to survive:

1. Remembering socialite techies are not real techies. They can be on TV but they will never make great products. So, I must avoid them.

2. Sales are important. Read Zero to One’s chapter on sales. But I don’t need sales representative when I’m just building the product. I can hire them when I’ll need them. My team will only consist of alpha nerds during the early stages who take ‘Zero to One’ as Bibles.

4. This is not the 90’s. Technology industry is complex in 2017. If you can’t pass whiteboard programming test, I don’t wanna work with you.

5. Startups survive because VC’s exist. If I am taking their money, I am gonna give them great products.

6. There is a thing called impostor syndrome. But there are also real impostors who know little coding but call themselves evangelist ninja coders. I must remain careful of them.

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