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Car Hacking Series — Part 1

Hello Everyone today i am going to tell you about car hacking. Car Hacking as it name says that it means hacking a car. Car Hacking is very different than hacking mobile phones, systems and website hacking. Also it requires a lot of patience and also it is not easy to do.

Many of you might be thinking why we want to hack a car? As many of you guys do bug bounty for finding vulnerabilities in websites, software and apps for better security of the users and company. So we hack car for better security so that any cyber criminal can’t misuse the vulnerability. Also to ensure that we are safe or not.

Now one more doubt that car hacking is legal or illegal? Car hacking is illegal and legal both depends on the person. If a hacker hacks car for good purpose so that he/she can report the vulnerability and company can patch it for better security then it is legal. If a hacker do it for bad purpose then it is illegal. Before Hacking any car you should know about CAN and ECU.

A CAN (Controller Area Network) is like a main system of the car and connected by CAN Bus. A CAN Bus is a robust vehicle bus standard designed to allow micro controllers and devices to communicate with each other’s applications without a host computer.

A ECU ( Electronic Control Unit) is a device responsible for overseeing, regulating and altering the operation of a car’s electronic systems. A diagram to understand ECU.

Now We know about ECU and CAN so now we can start car hacking there are some tools required:

  1. Can Utilities (can-utils)

2. ICSim

3. Wireshark, Tcpdump

4. Kali Linux or Other Linux Distribution Like Ubuntu, Parrot OS

That’s it for now. See you all in next part.

(Note- This Is For Educational Purposes Only.)




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