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How I found the security issue in Govt of Indian website

Hello everyone, this is my first valid bug/security misconfiguration issue in one of the Govt of Indian website.

Bug-type: RDP (Remote Desktop control)
IP address: (example)

TO get a IP address of a website use “ping -4” you will get a ip address

Everything started from scanning the open ports by using nmap,
nmap -sC -sV
-sC: equivalent to — script=default
-sV: Probe open ports to determine service/version info

Found more than 29 open ports, but 1 port caught my attention was port number 3389 (RDP) (windows server)

To access the windows remote desktop service from unix based system there is open source tool called “rdesktop”.


Got access to the login page with a warning message by clicking ok got a login pannel.

Without wasting time on bruteforce tried some default credentials and got a valid username (****) and tried some default passwords none of them were valid so i stopped looking for a valid password right there.

Took a screenshot of the login pannel and made a report with steps to reproduce and submitted to rvdp after 3 days they sent a acknowledgement email and after 2days the issue was fixed.

impact of RDP
1) Bruteforce the login credentials
2) Getting a full access to the server
3) In recent time most of ransomware and data breach attack was happend through RDP
4) etc.

How to fix the issue
1) Filter the port in firewall of server
2) Closing the port after the work complete ..

Tip: Never stop learning.




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