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How i got financial advisor by simply hack into their membership plan!

Hello Infosec geeks

As usual after wakeup and get natural things done 😂i fired up my burpsuite
and opened one old program in where I hunt few days ago

after wandering around for a while I got a membership plan button on their site from where we can hire a financial advisor.

Ohh yeah why not test this function?

They are using razorpay gateway to collect payments i clicked on pay function and got intercept that request and changed 39900 value to 1 ahha maybe they are checking some token value got error

Tried a few things for several minutes and then changed the 39900 passing value to 1000 I was like what 😮actual amount of 399 changed to 10 rupees

After sometime i got a call from my financial advisor hahaa
I laughed alot😂

Dec 11, 2021 : Reported

Dec13, 2021 : Triaged

Dec 27, 2021: Bounty rewarded

Thanks for reading:)
Stay safe at home

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