Journey of My CPENT Exam

Rakesh Elamaran
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4 min readDec 31, 2022


Hello Infosec Fam,

I am happy to share that I have achieved my first professional security certification — LPT Master and CPENT. I will share my exam experience, preparation tips, and course modules. I hope it will help someone who is going to appear for the exam.

About the Exam

CPENT is a 24Hour Examination, the next level after CEH, to prepare you to become a real-world Pentester. There are so many concepts and technologies that you will learn about in this course.

One Exam, Two Certificates?

Yes, you heard it right!

You have the potential to earn two certifications with one exam. If you score above a 90% on the CPENT live range exam, not only will you earn the CPENT certification, but you will also earn the Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) Master Credential!

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Course Modules

Preparation Tips

I began preparing by watching all the videos and then moving to the course materials. Solve the lab…