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Aug 28, 2020 · 4 min read
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When we talk about cybersecurity, we think about the data breaches, attacks, threats, vulnerabilities, phishing, user identity theft, product scam and so.But could you see data is the major key point one among them. These data may get from online or offline.

Simply, Cybersecurity means prevention or detection of vulnerability in the system or network.

How we get data ?

In 1989, Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide web (www) which facilitates the sharing of information using hypertext. This leads to share, create, manipulate, derive data that may be spurred from more devices connected to the internet.

These data may be structured using databases or unstructured that may be get from big data. Data that entered into the internet can store in any location it depends on that company storage facility. To assure about your data, company will show their data protection process.

But, Social media has flood of our personal data, IoT devices knows about our need, Cloud knows about our storage, Blockchain knows about our transaction and so.

Every data has some values

Identity theft is the major threat?

No, whatever the data gets leaked and hacked or modified then it is a major threat. Because when your credentials, company information data, intellectual property data, financial information, cloud related or stored data, key-related information and even a site’s encryption algorithm gets leaked it is so vulnerable. Because all data depends on another.

For example: your date of birth in your Instagram bio may be your system password.

If you think I follow all the security measures then you should think about the ransomware attacks, Stuxnet attack.

Sometimes you paved the way for the data breach that is you met with Social Engineering attack. You may be having a powerful product or service company, but your employee doesn’t know about phishing then it is under some risk.

Impact of cyber crime

Many cyber crime shows less or a lack of focus on cybersecurity. This may lead to economic loss, reputation loss, regulatory loss, and mainly customer loss. If you think ethical hacking wont provide a better solution in cyber security then think you created a code with no error and perfect then why we need testing part.

Third-party vendors who process your data may have poor security measure practices and making the risk to attack vector.

The growth of cyber crime may due to the distributed nature of the internet, ease of commerce on the dark web, poor security policy, using open-source software, social engineering and so.

How Cybersecurity evolved?

If you think cybersecurity is commenced after big data then it is probably no.

In 1971, Robert (Bob) H. Thomas engineer at BBN Technologies created the first computer worm (a type of malware) but not maliciuos. He named the program “Creeper”, and designed it to travel between Tenex terminals on the ARPANET, printing the message I’M THE CREEPER: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.

Ray Tomlinson who was also working for BBN Technologies at the time. He saw this idea and liked it.He created a program and made it self-replicating. He named the program Reaper, also a worm which would found copies of The Creeper and delete it.

We all know about the Morris worm and it’s funny to look back from now. Actually we are in an era of ransomware, fileless malware, BTC Scam, DDoS attack and nation-state attacks.

Nowadays, viruses were deadlier, more invasive and harder to control. Actually, cybersecurity begins around 1970’s. At that time, they focused mainly on information security. After the commencement of IT, Cybersecurity also entered. The product or service company maintained a group of ethical hackers to make their product safe.

Difficult to manage data, when the flood of data is created by the customer, more devices connected, emerge of data entry, manipulation, and extraction fields. So they separate the team as cybersecurity, which has a vast field to analyze.

Cybersecurity is a common name that includes Web application security, IoT security, AI security, Cloud security, Blockchain security, DevSecOps, Infrastructure security, Network security and so.

NOTE: To understand easily we described about information security but cybersecurity isn’t restricted to that domain alone.

So after a breach, it’s waste to argue or explain.

Cybersecurity is there to mitigate the vulnerability.

Last but not least

Things that are won’t be recovered or after recovering there is no use is called loss.

Think, if your password is lost by hacking that password may be used for all emails and no use of recovering that email. Because all official documents like passport, work-related, forget password and so are sent and received in that email.


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