Three times the fun at this year’s GameJam!

By James Glass

Over the second weekend of June 2018, 160 Jammers formed 32 teams to take part in the King GameJam and make sweet games!

Kingsters from London, Stockholm and Barcelona supported GameJame 2018

The King GameJam is a game design event for the games community and this year we went global! Instead of hosting in just one location as in previous years, we decided to run the event simultaneously in three out of seven King studios — Barcelona, London, and Stockholm.

Jammers could sign up individually or as a team, and everyone was asked to submit their ideas for this year’s theme. The Jammers then voted to narrow it down to one theme for the browser-based games all 32 teams would go on to develop.

For those who signed up individually, a team formation event was held on Friday before GameJam kicked off.

Once the teams were formed, we announced the theme for the 2018 King GameJam which was… Evolution!

Stephen Jarrett, VP Game Design at King, kicked off the GameJam with some tips for the Jammers. Stephen reiterated the message that we weren’t hosting the GameJam to look for new ideas for our existing games, neither were we looking for a game that we could publish. The reason King hosts GameJams is to provide a platform to help drive innovation and creativity and contribute to the games community.

Stephen Jarrett, VP Game Design at King, kicked off the GameJam

The Jammers that joined the fun were a mixed group of developers, artists and designers, some with work experience, some students, some programmers not currently working in games but with a real passion. They shared the making of their games with the hashtag #kinggamejam on twitter.

On Sunday afternoon the teams uploaded their games and then it was time for the jury to play. The jury consisted of Kingsters from various locations and external members. A big thank you to our friends from Scopely, MAG Interactive, Snowprint Studios, Space Ape Games, GameBCN, and Kerad Games for playing and voting on the games!

Each location had four awards categories:

  • King Creativity Award
  • King Art Award
  • King UX Award
  • King Fun Award

In addition, there was the King GameJam 2018 — Best Game Award which was a global prize.

The jury deliberated and voted, and the winners were Team YES! from Barcelona, a team of five students from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) who won with their game Blue. They were also awarded the Barcelona King Fun Award.

Team Yes! from Barcelona won the Best Game Award for their game Blue and the Barcelona Fun Award

It was such a great weekend, and we were sad when it came to an end. We are already looking forward to hosting the next one, and maybe we’ll add in different locations next time.

A big thank you to all our Jammers. We had a Sodalicious time with you!!

Barcelona Winners

  • Team Yes! with game Blue — won best game globally and Fun Award (Barcelona)

Adrián Castillo, Elliot Jimenez, Daniel López, Jordi Oña, Andreu Rojas

  • Team Thundercloud with game Gamesco S.L — won Creativity Award

Dimas Enrique Alcalde, Rubén Jiménez, Paula Martín, Mathis Paturle, Sergi Sánchez

  • Team Random Monkeys with game Terra Plania — won UX Award

Natalia Guerrero, Francisco Mañas, Zoilo Martin, Pau Miquel Montequi, Jose Roses

  • Team Rising Pixel with game Nirvana Piñata — won Art Award

Daniela Arienti, Luca Contato, Laura del Pino, Jennibel López, Luis Ángel Pérez

London Winners

  • Team Frostbite Killed My Carrots — won all the categories, but they didn’t have a game name!

Andy Russell, Simon Platt, Manuel Martin, Amanda Cheng, Will Beard

Stockholm Winners

  • Team Maybe Cool with game Hook a Gnome — won Creativity, Fun and UX Awards

Alexander Flodén, Danning Chen, Daniel Månsson, Albina Schultz

  • Team Player1 with game Icarus — won the Art Award

Loïc Benet, Oskar Carlbaum, Johan Darnald, Michael Novén

King Social Media Prize

This was awarded to Team Atomic Capybara (Guillermo García, Kevin Martín, Víctor Masó; Josep Valentines, Cristina Villalba) from Barcelona that posted the most pictures during the making of their game on social media with the #kinggamejam hashtag.

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Originally published at on July 5, 2018.