Beyond the simple click-order lies a fascinating universe of coding. Welcome to eMAG TechLabs!

Welcome to eMAG Tech Labs, the place where we share our passion for the magic of code.

What is eMAG Tech Labs?

Have you ever thought of what’s behind the eMAG website? You might say, probably just a handful of employees with a few tech specialists to make sure the site is up and running. Well, what if I told you we are a team of over 1500 employees and growing, with almost 500 IT specialists and offices in four countries. Pretty amazing, right?

Beyond eMAG eCommerce business, there is a strong community of passionate programmers, who love what they do and are always on the lookout for the latest technological advancements. We learn every day whether from our experience, from each other, through self-teaching or from training programs. We even initiated our very own internal TechTalks sessions where we gather to share with our colleagues what we are working on, the problems we were confronted with and the solutions we found. Why? Because we really, really like what we do.

We want to share with you our knowledge, the projects we are working on, the technologies we are using to develop eMAG applications and our experience. This is how we’ve got the idea of building this blog. We want to give you a peek behind the curtain, show you what sets and keeps in motion the largest eCommerce site in the country.

We have developed a core of over 50 apps that are successfully used in all four countries where we have offices: Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland. These range from the eMAG ecommerce platform, warehouse management and product documentation apps to those used for marketplace, call center services and even our own search engine, called ELISSE.

Why eMAG Tech Labs?

Well, because 90% of the apps we are using at eMAG are built in-house, or better said “in–lab”, in our tech labs in Bucharest, Craiova, Iași and even in Warsaw, we are using the latest technologies. We like to think we are some sort of code scientists working to create the perfect formula for the apps we develop. Besides the hard work, we do admit that this also includes a drop of magic, that moment’s inspiration that allows us to put it all together and create a program that is truly useful, and we think that’s amazing.

On this blog you will find materials written by our colleagues about the projects they are currently developing, the technologies they use and the manner they are using them for best results.

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