Data Analyst Development Program

Have you ever wondered how eMAG makes decisions in regards to products, clients, users and orders? How do we know what products need to be purchased, what quantities are needed for each product, who is the target clientele, how do we advertise and to whom? Well, after some brainstorming, eMAG decided years ago to create one department to organize all the data that comes from the metrics above: Business Intelligence.

The Business Intelligence department is doing a great job handling all the knowledge eMAG needs to grow as a business and to keep its customers happy. Therefore, we believe it’s time to share some of that knowledge and grow the team. Cue the Data Analyst Development program, a program designed to find 3 brave youngsters who are set to build their knowledge and start their career development in our team.

What’s the program about? It’s a development program, starting with the 8th of May, dedicated to 3rd or 4th year Computer Science students and fresh graduates that want to learn more about the mystery behind data, SQL, MySQL, MSSQL and maybe some reporting tools. You will join an accelerated learning program, with lots of training (3 weeks), practice on the job, mentors and hopefully friends.

Careers Page

We’re not looking for “know-it-all” folks. We want you to be passionate and ambitious.

It’s not mandatory that you worked before with the technologies we use. But if you did, we will help you shape the information and acquire more.

You’re about to get a degree in computer science and other related fields and don’t know what to do with it? Join us and we’ll give you a clue.

Scared you won’t have time to finish your studies? Don’t. We’re flexible and we want the best for both us and for you.

You can get more info on our career page, and we can’t wait for your application.

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