eMAG — №1 IT Company to work for in Romania

A few weeks ago an email landed in my inbox. It was a link from Biz magazine, announcing that we were chosen as the no. 1 IT company to work for in Romania. You can find the full story about the selection process here. To sum it up, the result was based on a combination of answers we gave to some questions related to the work environment and team numbers and the ones IT pros gave through a dedicated survey.

Only three years ago, we wouldn’t have thought we will reach this stage. The Platforms & Technology team had 120 people. Not that many, considering the other big players in the market. Time passed, the team grew and since the beginning of the 2017 financial year we were joined by 190 new colleagues. Now, the team has reached a number of 650 players, most of them PHP Developers, Testers, Product Owners, Project Managers and Business Analysts. They work every day with over 30 technologies and more than 70 internal applications — a lot of knowledge, a lot of enthusiasm and a big dose of coolness.

But enough with the numbers. Let’s get to the projects we have prepared for our tech community in the following months and fill you in on the details — some cool programs for young pros, some events attendances for middles and seniors and some interesting internal gatherings for our guys.

eMAG programs for juniors:

  1. Data Analyst Development program is dedicated to 3rd or 4th year Computer Science students and fresh graduates who want to learn more about the mystery behind data, SQL, MySQL, MSSQL and maybe some reporting tools. The recruitment process has already ended and the Data Analyst Development program will soon start its learning program. Keep close and we will reveal who are the lucky ones and what their journey will be.
  2. After 3 successful editions, eMAG Talent Internship returns in 2017 in Bucharest, Craiova and Iasi. Although the program is dedicated to various business areas, the Platforms & Technology team will be represented by nearly 15 interns. Apart from the learning on the job and mentorship experiences, we are preparing a training program to develop their hard and soft skills, offer them a fun and enjoyable experience over the 2 months. Keep your eyes on the careers page because we will be back with more info soon!

Events which we will attend:

  1. Bucharest Technology week

If you didn’t already know, PHP is the word on the lips of all our developers. Being an open-sourced, fast deployment technology, it helps us stay agile. And in our industry being agile is a must! When our friends from Bucharest Technology Week approached us to partner up for the PHP Summit, it was kind of a big deal for us. We’ll be waiting for you on the 23rd and the 25th of May with a booth and with 2 presentations in the so-so cool agenda.

Some of the speakers?

Rasmus Lerdorf (yes, THAT Rasmus Lerdorf) — PHP Founder
James Titcumb — Founder @ PHP Hamshire CIC
Georgiana Gligor — CTO/ Owner @ Tekkie Consulting

  1. Dev Talks

Our presence at Dev Talks became a habit. So this year won’t be an exception. On the 8th of June we’ll be there, waiting for all technology lovers to join us at our booth and presentation. We’ll be back with more info closer to the event.

eMAG internal gatherings:

  1. eMAG Hackathon is an annual 24 hours programming marathon during which we give our most original ideas and we show year after year that the passion for innovation and technology defines us. The event takes place at our Swan Office and all our colleagues from the IT teams from Bucharest, Iasi, Craiova and Poland are invited to attend. For the experience to be truly memorable, we also prepare a lot of fun, enjoyable moments.

Until we finish our plans for the 4th edition taking place this year, here’s a glimpse at the past Hackathon editions: 2016, 2015.

  1. Tech Talks is an internal sharing program dedicated to the Platforms & Technology Team. Once or twice a month our tech guys meet and talk about all kind of projects and experiences they’ve had. Sometimes we write about them right here, on Tech Labs:

Product matching & learning from mistakes
Sonata Admin & AngularJS
HAProxy & eMAG Technical Academy
Regex & Web Application Messaging Protocol
Let’s talk tech!

We’re preparing for 5 other Tech Talks editions in May and June and hopefully we’ll be back with interesting topics from each of them.

  1. Tech Academy — we’ve also prepared all kind of courses to help our colleagues develop skills they need in their roles:

Business Analysis course
Product Owner course
Scrum Master Course
Symfony Course
Design Patterns Course
QlikView Course
DWH/ Big Data Course

There are many other things to tell, but I’ll wrap it up with something that Bogdan, Platforms & Technology VP, said and could easily turn into our motto:

“We are aware we’re far from perfection and we keep struggling to become better in an environment full of cool and talented people.”
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