eMAG @Bucharest Technology Week

A couple of weeks ago we were announcing our partnership with Bucharest Technology Week, as PHP Summit Stage sponsors. Now, we are counting the hours until the event, and meanwhile we decided to give you a short preview of our presence there.
  • 23rd of May

During the Innovation Summit, you can meet us at our booth. We have prepared a cool game, where developers can prove their skills by helping an elephant fix some code that has errors in it. Get it right and you’ll win a prize! Our colleagues will be there to answer your questions about the game, but also about our teams and projects, and other curiosities you may have

  • 26th of May

We are starting the day with Bogdan Axinia’s speech, our Platforms & Technology VP, who will be on the PHP Summit Stage. He will take us through the story of the eMAG technology team, and offer some cool insights into our PHP Developers Community and our projects

Between 11:00 and 11:30, Alex Turbatu, Software Development Manager for the Commercial team, will have a presentation about Promo v3 — our internal app for promotions.

The story goes like this: when eMAG’s programmers launched the previous version of the Promotion application in 2013, the business was active in only one country, Romania, and had around ten thousand products. Time passed and we have expanded to three other countries (Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland). Now, in 2017, eMAG has around 3.5 million active products in all countries and although the second version of the app was constantly upgraded, the monolith approach that used to work was no longer cutting it.

The presentation aims to take you on the wonderful journey of naive expectations and estimations, customer influence, architectural decisions and sleepless release days and nights. It includes statistics that helped the team in the decision making process, a few tools used for performance testing, some shattered dreams and some lessons they have learned while releasing the Promo App v3 — a story written with PHP7.

We are waiting for you on Tuesday, 23rd of May and Friday, 26th of May at Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest!

Come, prove your skills and get our prizes or just be a part of the audience for our colleagues’ speeches. Either way, if PHP is your thing, at the end of the day you’ll go home richer.