eMAG @DevTalks 2017

After last year’s DevTalks edition when our colleague, Cristi Ghera, talked about eMAG’s Mobile App, in 2017 we’re back with another theme that’s in everybody’s thoughts these days — Big Data.
eMAG Pit Stop @DevTalks

On 8th of June you can meet us at Romexpo.

  • Keynote

Marius Costin and Valentin Ursu will talk about implementing a next generation data pipeline in eMAG.

eMAG Business Intelligence teams process billions of events daily, and behind each one, there is a client account with prices, products, quantities, delivery times and many more.

The presentation aims to reveal the technologies we work with and how we use them to extract and process the events that the users generate when interacting with our platform. We will share our knowledge of Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, how we use them, what lessons and successes we had in our journey and what path we plan to take in the future, in order to obtain relevant information on which human intelligence can make decisions and artificial ones can be trained to take over.

The presentation will take place on the Big Data & Cloud stage, at 12:20.

  • Booth

We’re preparing a booth full of learning, challenges, chill and fun. We won’t reveal more, but in a nutshell, it’s the place you will find fun activities and refreshing drinks during the breaks.

See you there!