eMAG @ DevTalks 2018 |Bucharest

Once again, on June 8th we’ll be @ DevTalks, full of energy and ready to share inside successful stories, to play games & to have fun with the entire community of tech lovers.

We are back on stage, talking about the recommendations system we developed inside our company, a presentation held by our colleagues Mihai Brașoveanu and Alex Bumbacea. You can also meet us at our booth, where you’ll definitely have a really fun time playing the games you used to love in the past and enjoying up-to-date AR and VR experiences. Let the games begin!

Keynote Speakers

On the Product Management stage, Mihai Brașoveanu (Product Owner) & Alex Bumbacea (Senior Software Engineer) will share the story & the ups and downs of how and why we decided to build an awesome recommendation system inside eMAG, what we achieved so far and what results we are expecting in the future.

Alex has joined eMAG three years ago as a developer for the Targeting Team and he is now working on the development of the internal recommendation engine.

Mihai has joined eMAG two years ago and is the Product Owner of the Targeting & Profiling Team, working on marketing automation strategies and content personalization.

Mihai & Alex

Basically, the recommendations system allows customers to see what kind of products are recommended for them, based on features such as: what other customers are buying at the same time, similar products or compatible accessories to the ones the user already bought in the past or frequently bought together items. The recommendations system is a very cool tool that brings benefits to both our customers and our business.

If you want to learn more, join us @ DevTalks. See you there!