eMAG TechTalks — 2 years of sharing knowledge

The Context

Over the course of the last 10–15 years technology has been a very big part of everyone’s lives. Maybe not many of us acknowledge just how far things have come in a very short amount of time. For example, the first real smartphone appeared just 10 years ago with the first iPhone, but it feels like the smartphone has been around forever. Well it hasn’t. We now take for granted things like the smartphone or the world wide web but not long ago these were all SF concepts. If I would go back in time and showed someone a smartphone they would probably go nuts, lock me up and throw away the key. Technology has shaped the very world we live in, making life easier and maybe more fun. It has however a very annoying and interesting characteristic — it’s changes so fast that it’s mind boggling.

Technology is the backbone of big companies like eMAG. A company that sees increase in value every year — be it in the number of sales, the number of products and services it offers or in the number of people it employs. A company that is always growing, changing and always demands more from its Back-End and Front-End technologies.

Whenever a company gets big, the number of people employed skyrockets. People don’t get to see or talk to each other so often. I know you can email them, but emails will never replace human interaction, the voice of a speaker and the feedback and input of a group of people sitting together.

eMAG TechTalks

That’s where eMAG TechTalks comes in — a context where we bring people together and just let them talk about technology and their knowledge. If knowledge is power then share it with others.

We started the first TechTalks sessions two years ago with more people than we actually expected, with a very interesting subject Microservices and Redis. Up until now, almost all our developers attended at least one session, meaning that over this two years, more than 400 people attended TechTalks.

It was easy sailing, we had so far 32 TechTalks Sessions with 36 speakers(Romania & Poland combined). Just to name a few of the topics, we covered themes like:

- Automated testing;

- Angular JS;

- RBAC — Role Based Access Control;

- E-commerce, client perspectives & Machine Learning;

- Everything you always wanted to know about Grafana;

- Antipatterns: how to be the best from the worst.. and many more.

Slowly but surely the events became a common thing in eMAG and we were glad to see that the constant feedback we received was always positive. Sure, we weren’t perfect but we learned from each presentation and tried to make the next one better. And of course, I’m glad to bring together people that might otherwise not see each other over the course of a year. You can see a sum-up of these 2 years of TechTalks in the following infographic.

eMAG TechTalks — the 2 Year Anniversary

To make a special day out of the two Years Anniversary our guest speaker was none other than the CEO of eMAG, Iulian Stanciu, who talked about Innovation & Technology Perspectives. He was preceded by a short intro from Bogdan Axinia, VP of Platforms & Technologies. Two people who are constantly helping us to keep in touch with the big picture.

Iulian had a very interesting presentation about the current economic situation worldwide and what the company plans to do in the future based on the figures at hand. eMAG has the technology but without clear figures and analysis you would not know what and how to put that technology to good use.

What are other companies doing? What solutions have other countries adopted to current crises, and where does Romania stand now. He went over a series of interesting figures regarding eMAG’s evolution in all aspects, from prices to number of products available, behavior of the clients on our website and just as a whole, the current financial situation at Romania’s biggest online shopping Mall as eMAG was once dubbed.

The future will bring a series of new features available for eMAG’s clients with emphasis on their overall shopping experience, starting with how easy they can buy products on the platform and how fast and reliable they can receive those products. He stated very clearly that eMAG always tries to bring the best experience to its customers, taking into account some key necessities they have: a large category of products to choose from, a good price, fast delivery at any time and simplicity.

The take-away

The main idea in Iulian’s presentation is that it is important that eMAG grows as business but that it does so by also adding value to the society it resides in. eMAG wants to be the driving force that educates people how to shop faster and smarter. To accomplish this, you need to be ahead of your time and without the latest and the fastest tech you are not going to do it. It was a really cool speech and we hope to see more of Iulian in upcoming events.

Talking about the future, TechTalks will continue with our next guest speaker, the VP of Platforms & Technology, Bogdan Axinia, who wants to share some of his experiences and what the road in technology and e-commerce was like so far.

We understood that learning like this is cool, so we’ll keep doing it.

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