Front End Development workshop @Fii Practic

It’s already a tradition for us to join the ASII team and organize a workshop within Fii Practic where we meet with technical students from Iasi. This year, we decided to talk about Front End Development, so our colleagues Alexandru Gasparel, Constantin Apetrei and Ovidiu Hatmanu prepared the program for the 6 weeks workshop:

1. Greetings (Introduction to Frontend Web Development, Anatomy of a Web Page, HTTP Protocol, Browsers, debugging tools, git)

2. HTML5 (tags, attributes, semantics, DOM)

3. CSS3 (selectors, bootstrap, SASS, preprocessors)

4. Javascript (variables, scoping, functions, context, dom, events, JSON, Rest API, XmlHttpRequest)

5. EcmaScript6 (language features, syntax, migration)

6. Best practices — last details of the final project

In each workshop, we will focus on offering the participants an interactive access to valuable lessons learned from experience. By the end of the project, you will be able to:

  • understand how JavaScript core works;
  • know what ES6(+) standard brings to the table in comparison with older versions of JavaScript;
  • work with Canvas API;

If you are a student and want to join us at the workshop, you can find more details and register here.

You can also read more about the 2017 edition here and here.