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Lavinia Mehedințu
Oct 29, 2015 · 3 min read

Has anyone asked themselves ”Why did I join eMAG?” I have, and more than once, and while asking around I got some interesting answers from my colleagues and, just to name a few, people have joined eMAG because:

  • They wanted to do something cool, at another level.
  • They wanted to be part of a great development community where they could learn and grow.
  • They wanted to be a part of one of the greatest brands in Romania today, and hopefully in the world tomorrow.
  • They wanted to constantly keep up with the latest technologies.
  • eMAG has great plans for the future, and they want to play a role in them.
  • They wanted to have everything they needed in terms of technology, in order to accomplish great things and be rewarded for it.

If you take a closer look, you will notice that most ideas have one thing in common — Technology. However, to share this technology around and to have great minds think alike is kinda hard when you have a team of over 400 people in IT alone.

Given that eMAG is growing bigger and bigger it’s getting more and more difficult to get to know everyone, not to mention find out what they are working on. Therefore, we decided not too long ago to create TechTalks. TechTalks was just a logical step in improving communication within the current big family of eMAG. But, as things go for any other family, communication is important for us as well. Especially if we’re talking about an IT family where people are working on different projects, each with its own difficulties and challenges. Maybe one family member is using a great technology you never knew about, and it would be invaluable to what you’re working on. You would want to hear about it, right?

We’re always thinking about cutting off a corner when fixing problems, which sometimes implies the use of old and outdated technology, and that is just wrong. The old saying haste makes waste applies perfectly here.

So, starting from the need of a better communication, Tech Talks happened. It’s more a program about people, technology comes in second. We just gather in one place, have some beers and chips and talk. We talk about what we’re working on, what methods we are using to do our jobs and just have fun while doing it. It’s a stress free session where everyone can get involved and share thoughts.

Up until this point, the sessions covered things like fast caching systems, such as Redis and Microservices, data searching and servers with StatsD, and also Automated testing and its importance to software development, Cron management as most of our apps depend on fast error free Cron services, and only recently started talking about UI/UX.

Aside from talking about technologies, we must remember that this program is about people, the listeners on one side, and the speakers on the other, each with their own role. On the one hand listeners must be proactive and ask questions and challenge the speaker, and on the other hand the speaker must share information and help the listeners enjoy the session. The interaction between the two sides not only helps share information but also develops people skills. The speaker gets used to talking to a large audience and be comfortable with it, while listeners learn to interact and ask questions without the fear of what the others may think. “I don’t know” and “I’m afraid to ask so I don’t look like a fool” don’t apply at Tech Talks. We encourage people to learn and speak their mind, to communicate and share ideas.

The best motto I can think of for Tech Talks is: “If you know it, share it”. It does no good to keep information to yourself. Share what you know, and help others in their work, because in the end it benefits us all.

eMAG TechLabs

On this blog you will find materials written by eMAG Tech community about the projects they are currently developing, the technologies they use and the manner they are using them for best results.

Lavinia Mehedințu

Written by

Avid Learner. Writer at https://learningdesigner.me/.

eMAG TechLabs

On this blog you will find materials written by eMAG Tech community about the projects they are currently developing, the technologies they use and the manner they are using them for best results.

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