New session of eMAG TechTalks: Regex & Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP v2)

As you may remember, we talked in a previous article about our internal technology-related discussions, or eMAG TechTalks as we so lovingly named them. We explained how we come together once in a while, grab some drinks and chips and listen to our colleagues talk about how they use a certain technology, how it can help us witheveryday tasks and workflows, or how it just makes life easier, either for us or our customers.

And no, it’s not a boring gathering where just one guy takes the stage, talks his heart out and everyone goes home understanding nothing. It’s an interactive gathering where everyone asks questions and pushes the speaker to share as much as he can.

The latest talk took place at the end of January 2016, and our main speakers were Arthur Kerpician, senior developer in eMAG and Ionut Marinescu, a top developer from the eMAG development team. They challenged our minds with two interesting topics: Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP v2) and Regular Expressions.

Regular expressions

Regular expressions, in short regex, is a string of text that allows you to create patterns that help you match, locate and administrate text. You have a great example inPerl, which is a programming language that uses regex. But you can also use regex in a text editor for that matter. You are not bound to just one tool. Regex can even be used from the command prompt.

Ionut covered lots of topics in his presentation but most importantly he talked about validation, about searching, filtering and replacing, and about matching and/or capturing. As a whole, all these topics helped us understand why regex is useful. Everyone had fun during the presentation and we basically learned where we can apply regex with great success — everywhere! We also learned about how regular expressions can be too much when it comes to mail validation and there was also a discussion about Vim and Grep. As you may know, Vim is an open source editor for Unix and Grep is a Unix command used to search text.

Web Application Messaging Protocol

WAMP v2 is yet another communication layer for web applications, using (primarily) web sockets for data transport. The 2-in-1 patterns of the WAMP router (PUB/SUB and routed RPC) can be very appealing for distributed systems, with a bunch of interconnected, but loose-coupled, applications.

Arthur took us through WAMP and explained its advantages, why it’s used and how it works. He talked about its main advantages in speed and he topped it off with some interesting graphs to point out the main features while approaching also the issue of security.


These types of sessions are a great example of how cool and rewarding it can be when people get together and share ideas. It reminded us all of just what the goal of these sessions is — learning interesting new things, expanding our horizon and growing as individuals, and this is just one proof that great things are in store for eMAG. Looking forward to the next session! hoping for some great new topics like OAuth, Apache Thrift, Haproxy, Graphite / Grafana.