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Sicily-AirBnb homes analysis


Who’s Sicily

View from Monte Veneretta, near Taormina
Road towards Mount Etna
Syracuse archeological museum

Where to stay in Sicily

  • understand how much Airbnb homes are earning in certain time frames and areas
  • compare rates between some cities
  • try to understand if there is anything about the properties that help predict the price
  • find negative and positive reviews based on text
  • where to find an Airbnb home in Sicily
  • how are the prices distributed
  • which are the cheapest/most expensive neighborhoods
  • which room types are available
  • who and where are the hosts with the most reviews
  • where are the verified hosts or the super-hosts
  • how are the features of a home correlated
  • how much a feature impacts the price of a property
  • are the prices higher during the summer
  • are the properties available in the future
  • a basic exploration of what people say about the places they’ve been to

Let’s explore

Where are the Airbnb homes

Where are the super hosts

What about the verified hosts

Which are the most crowded neighborhoods

Which room types are available

Cheapest neighborhoods

Most expensive neighborhoods

Prices by category values

  • the host identity is verified or not
  • the host has a profile picture
  • the property is instantly bookable
  • the availability of the home — the median price is smaller and the range of prices is bigger for available homes.
  • the host type: the price range for normal hosts (about 85% of total hosts) is larger and the median price is a bit higher than for the super-hosts.
  • the hosts respond within a day, median and price range are higher
  • the number of bathrooms available: 3/4 baths means definitely an increase in price (I’ve plotted only 10 categories, but the types of baths in ‘Other’ varies a lot, from more than 5 baths and some shared baths)
  • an entire villa is also more expensive (not a surprise either)

Categorical variable’s impact on the price

Numerical variable’s impact on the price

  • accommodates
  • bathrooms (target encoded)
  • property type (encoded)
  • neighborhood (encoded)
  • number of reviews

Another way to determine feature’s impact on price

The future

Listings available by day

Average price by day

What people say about Airbnb homes in Sicily

Hosts with most reviews

Take me to the clouds

Positive/negative reviews

  • the score of neutrality is mostly 1
  • the scores for positivity/negativity are mostly 0



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