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“The Swimming Pool Project”

This project was carried out as part of the TechLabs “Digital Shaper Program” in Münster (Term 2020/01).

Covid-19 has forced people to rethink. For several months, the world stood virtually still, but from early summer onwards, everyday life and leisure activities slowly began to resume. This also applies to visits to the open-air swimming pool. However, it is precisely these places that can become dangerous and the virus can spread again quickly, so it is essential to follow precise instructions. To keep track of this, only a certain number of visitors are allowed into the pool. To better organize this, the visitors can book a slot for their visit in advance. In addition, they can see how many visitors there are already.


As the only project with a practical partner (connectiv) the “Swimming Pool Project” not only has a practical relevance but also addresses a very current topic: preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The Ministry of Health has decided that recreational activities may start again — under strict conditions. The “Hygiene and Infection Protection Standards” stipulate a limited number of guests, a constant minimum distance — including in the pool and showers — and the wearing of masks in closed rooms. Every visitor should also be registered.

The web application

With the help of the website programmed by us, visitors can register in advance. This ensures that the maximum number of visitors is not exceeded. The display of how many visitors are already in the pool allows the visitors not to have to drive to the pool before they know that it is already full.

Frontend Design

The frontend design is based on several bootstrap templates which we have adapted for our purposes. It was important to offer a very simple usage of the web application. After all, a larger group of customers is older and not so tech-savvy anymore. The registration for the visit happens without a lot of frills and also with the layout we attached importance to a clean design without much distraction.

Backend Design

The web application architecture is based on the MVC (Model View Controller) pattern. For the backend we used node.js with express. Sequelize is applied for the visitor-/user-model, the data is persistent stored in a MySQL database. For the view we used ejs (embedded JavaScript template engine) to use plain JavaScript, mainly for the purpose of calculating our actual visitor capacity.

Course of the project

Because some members of the project have little or no experience with web development, a solid knowledge base was required. In a conversation with our mentor, however, we realized that it might be more useful to build up project-specific knowledge, which is why we deviated from the given track and studied more specifically. Unfortunately, more than half of the project group participants decided to quit during the project phase. This was a new start for the remaining Techies (Thomas and Carolin). Our mentor gave us the courage to continue the project in pairs, of course in a slimmed-down form (because we lost our UX Techie, for example). No sooner said than done, we were very quickly clear about the basic model of the website.

We disregarded further questions, for example about data protection, because we agreed that we would only create the basis. even though we didn’t take the UX Track, we tried to implement a very simple design and handling, also because we assume that many of the outdoor pool visitors are not very tech-affine.

With the website we have created several benefits. On the one hand for the pool staff, who can track their visitors and get a better planning reliability. On the other hand for the pool visitors, who can plan their visit and also see if
there are still places available at short notice.

The Team:
Thomas Dröge
Carolin Krohn

Richard Menning



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