Launching the Gender Diversity in the Netherlands Report and It’s time #FundRight book featuring 200 gender diverse startups
Oct 9, 2019 · 3 min read
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In July this year #FundRight was founded, a large group of concerned and committed investors took the stance to address equal access to finance and opportunities for all founders, regardless of their background or gender. To achieve that, the VCs want their investment teams and the management teams of their current and future portfolio companies to have a diverse and inclusive culture including a 35% female-male gender balance.

To help address this further has released the first Gender Diversity in the Netherlands report and the #FundRight bid book showcasing 200 gender diverse startups. The book and report were announced today during the #FundRight event by Constantijn van Oranje, Special Envoy from

“The book and the report show how important it is that 31 progressive investors have decided to take action by establishing #Fundright as a basis for concrete change. With #FundRight, they also show what can happen if the debate about diversity in entrepreneurship focuses on opportunities. Mixed teams perform better than mono teams and VCs and startups embracing diversity make themselves more versatile, resilient and stronger. ”

The Gender Diversity in The Netherlands Report

The Gender Diversity Report analyzed over 1,500 startups and VCs using data from our partner Dealroom. Initial findings showed that only 6% of decision-makers at NL based venture capital firms are women. The research also showed that just 0.8% of the total amount invested in the Dutch Startup Ecosystem goes to all-female founded teams and just 5.7% to mixed-gender teams.

Download the report

Janneke Niessen, Co-founder CapitalT and co-founder of #FundRight: “This research shows how great the need for a more diverse start-up ecosystem is. And that is precisely why it is so encouraging that more and more VCs are joining #FundRight and also visited the #FundRight event. We are now building the future with a homogeneous group that is too small and as a result, we not only lose out on many opportunities but also leave behind so much unused talent.”

It’s time to #FundRight bid book

After launching #FundRight one thing repeatedly said by detractors was that there were simply no female or mixed-gender founded companies to invest in. To stop this argument in its tracks we put together the bidbook It’s time to #FundRight. The book showcases a selection of 200 inspiring startups that were founded by gender diverse teams. The book shows a wide range of startups in varying industries and stages. Get inspired and download the book today.

Download the book now

Tamara Obradov, partner at Tablomonto Venture Capital and co-founder of #FundRight:“ We have been working on the subject of diversity for years. Unfortunately, organically it is not possible to get more women to the top. That is why it is great to see that with #FundRight, investors themselves stand up to bring about the change from within. ” Stories

Stories about the startup ecosystem of the Netherlands

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