A Peer-to-peer Ecosystem Officially Launched by Utopia Network

Dec 10, 2019 · 4 min read

With the ever-faster development of technology, previously unknown challenges have reached the forefront of the IT scene. The software created by Utopia is now in the process of solving them, and this in a few industries.

This innovative and common-sense solution will allow you to work in guaranteed confidentiality while protecting your anonymity. This insists on freedom of expression and human rights, as well as security, in an era of total surveillance and censorship on the Internet. So, is there any reason to fear for the future like George Orwell’s 1984? Rest assured, this will never happen with the exclusive Utopia’s software.

You can then find on the website ofUtopia application. And since good news doesn’t come alone, it can be downloaded on several platforms, as you wish: Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. Don’t worry concerning the mobile apps already in development; they will be presented in 2020. After this first step, access your new account. You will then have the pleasure of discovering everything that Utopia brings to the market, namely a great choice of tools and products. Let us add a precision that will make the difference: The Utopia Ecosystem is based on a decentralized peer-to-peer network, making it unnecessary to use central servers for data storage and transmission. As you have now guessed, only Utopia users are involved in data delivery as nodes of the Utopia P2P network.

Like any proper application, Utopia does not do things halfway since the application itself contains several others that will make your life easier in many cases. You can count on instant messenger, client email, electronic wallet, private browser, file manager, maps, and I didn’t mention it all! All these applications combined in one can be opened as a tab.

Concerning encryption? This is done by default, concerning all user data as well as messages, folders, contacts, etc. This method is applied in collaboration with AES256 and Curve25519. Remember that all data is stored on a single device, the user’s device in an encrypted file container.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the dashboard of this ecosystem. After presenting the different applications available, it is necessary to inform the characteristics. uMessenger, instant messaging, is encrypted by default. uMail is a secure and spam-free email for users. Idyll private web browser, allows you to surf on sites hosted on the Utopia network anonymously.

The uNS environment includes several features, including packet forwarding and integrated P2P hosting of websites, network dashboard, and treasury data = data.

The layout and convenience of the interface are obviously simple and well thought out, making all these actions easier for users.

The Utopia system is also has its own built-in cryptocurrency, called Crypton. Thus, each of the financial transactions within Utopia is denominated in Crypton. This is integrated so that anonymous transactions happen instantly. You may also accept payments on websites with quick and easy integratable Utopia API.

Crypto Cards allow users to make even more anonymous transactions without revealing your public key.As the Utopia network does not do things by halves, users will be rewarded for their support of the ecosystem through mining by issuing new Cryptons. These rewards are credited every 15 minutes for just staying online and supporting the network. Stability, speed, and privacy are essential for the proper transmission of data.

Among all this revolutionary technology, everyone can handle mining bots on an important number of servers or computers in order to raise the power and speed of mining.

Currently, there is nothing similar to Utopia on the market. And this will also benefit future users because they will not have to hesitate when choosing this technology. And little by little, this ecosystem will be able to change the way the world communicates and conducts financial transactions.

I think we have every reason to be enthusiastic about this progress, and the ideology of this freedom of information can only go in the right direction. What are you waiting for to join this network and try it for yourself? Act now!

Techloy | African technology news and startup culture

Techloy is a digital publication covering technology and innovation in Africa, since 2008.


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Techloy | African technology news and startup culture

Techloy is a digital publication covering technology and innovation in Africa, since 2008.

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