Meet the 4th class of Google’s Launchpad Accelerator Africa program

Nov 29, 2019 · 2 min read

This week, Google Africa hosted its first Google Startup Week in Lagos, with the graduates of the fourth class of Launchpad Accelerator Africa program pitching for funding from venture capitalists.

Google Launchpad Accelerator Africa focuses on working with startups that are setting out to tackle some of Africa’s biggest challenges.

Here are the startups from across Africa that graduated from the Class 4 of Launchpad Accelerator Africa program at Google Startup Week Lagos, in alphabetical order:

  • Afara Partners (Nigeria): Afara Partners offers platforms that provide services to the financially underserved/excluded.
  • BrandBook (South Africa): BrandBook is a mobile app that incentivises users to take a picture of their receipts, allowing it to harvest consumer purchase behaviour across all channels.
  • Elewa (Kenya): Elewa is a toolkit for establishing scalable high-quality training programs within existing education- or professional institutions.
  • Eversend (Uganda): Eversend is a multi-currency e-wallet that allows you to exchange, spend and send money at the best possible rates. It also includes insurance, virtual debit cards, and bill payments.
  • OZÉ (Ghana): OZÉ brings African small businesses into the digital era, equipping their owners to make data-driven decisions to improve their performance and access capital.
  • Phenomenal Technologies (Zimbabwe): Phenomenal Technologies offers low-cost field excursions for learners through virtual reality.
  • REACH (Nigeria): REACH recognises, categorises and interprets transaction data from SMS and other sources, making this data available as individual financial and market insights.
  • Sortd (South Africa): Sortd aims to re-invent email with the world’s first All-in-One productivity suite for Gmail and GSuite.
  • TradeBuza (Nigeria): The TradeBuza is a cloud-based web and mobile application, which digitises contract farming and trade.
  • Tulaa (Kenya): Tulaa is an online-to-offline marketplace for smallholder farmers in Africa.
  • XEND (Nigeria) : XEND allows users to make and receive payments, offline or online.
  • WorkPay (Kenya): WorkPay is a cloud-based employee management and payment solution using the power of mobile and biometrics.

The startups have collectively raised $4.3 million, created over 300 jobs and signed up over 110,000 users. Before the program, they had collectively raised in excess of $600,000, and have been able to use Launchpad Accelerator Africa to scale their businesses to new levels.

Since its launch in 2017, the Launchpad Accelerator Africa program has worked with 47 startups, helping them to raise millions of dollars in investments and create hundreds of jobs across the continent.

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