With myDOKITA, you can consult overseas-based medical practitioners from your mobile

The health-tech platform that wants to bring affordable overseas medical consultations to your mobile phone is launching soon.

Jan 10 · 4 min read

When was the last time you visited your doctor for a medical appointment?

If you haven’t visited one in the last few years, you’re likely doing self-medication or seeking opinion from family and friends who are medical practitioners.

But if you visit a doctor regularly, perhaps due to the nature of the medical issue or diagnosis, you might need a second opinion about your diagnosis or prescribed medication, if at all.

This could be because many people have lost their lives due to mis-information or mis-diagnosis or perhaps due to a lack of instant access to well qualified health professionals.

Another problem is the current medical brain drain in Nigeria which has seen a lot of qualified medical practitioners move out of the country to Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world.

So what if you had a way to easily and instantly get a second opinion from other qualified health professionals from any part of the world without having to visit a medical practitioner?

That’s why myDOKITA, a health tech platform is launching soon to provide instant access to qualified and reliable medical practitioners from around the world via chat, voice and video consultations at an affordable fee. The platform also provide free medical tips, advice and recommendations on common preventable diseases.

[Watch Techloy’s review of the myDOKITA app on YouTube]

Recently, Techloy had the opportunity to test the platform (currently on private beta) and soon to be available on the Google Play and Apple AppStore, and found it to be the fastest and most convenient way to get reliable and affordable health-related diagnosis from your mobile phone.

One of the key features is the platform’s geolocation capability that allows users to search for medical practitioners based on their location. Users are able to see their qualification, experience and specialty which helps to decide which medical practitioner to contact on the platform.

The most unique feature of myDOKITA, perhaps, is the ability to schedule consultations with in-country and foreign medical practitioners overseas based in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and other parts of the world, right from your mobile phone.

The platform also offers a cool video call feature that provides a great way to have a face-to-face conversation with a medical practitioner about your health issue. At the end of the call, you get a summary reports from the practitioner about your consultation and you can also write a review about the medical practitioner.

While myDOKITA could potentially eliminate the need to go to a hospital or clinic for minor health issues, some users may still prefer to visit a doctor for major health issues such as cancer, stroke or diabetes.

But there are other use cases of the platform.

For example, myDOKITA allows for mentoring and collaboration between in-country practitioners and their overseas counterparts via its practitioner-to-practitioner chat functionality. This feature would provide an opportunity to share industry best practices among other things between health practitioners from around the world.

As with most medical consultations, people would naturally be concerned about their information being kept private and confidential.

The platform’s creator, however, confirmed that the myDOKITA platform is a cloud-hosted service and leverages all cloud-based data encryption services ensuring all users’ information are encrypted and treated with utmost confidentiality.

So whether you visit a doctor regularly or rely on advice from close friends and family who are medical practitioners, myDOKITA offers the most convenient and affordable way to get a second opinion from qualified in-country and overseas-based medical health professionals.

After all, good health is the greatest of all possessions anyone can ever have.

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Techloy | Data-driven insights into tech and business in Africa

Techloy is a digital publication covering news and data about business, finance and technology, using infographics and charts to help people and brands make better decisions.

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