Paga brings one-click payments to mobile gaming

Since Paga launched, its mission has been to deliver financial services to the mass market and has continued to innovate with solutions tailored to the banked and unbanked in Nigeria.

But while this appears to be a long-term project, it has sought to experiment with customer-focused solutions to the age-old telco-driven digital goods business model which essentially takes the larger (70%) share of revenues accruable on mobile apps and services.

In a medium blog post, CEO Tayo Oviosu, says that with its Paga Connect API, developers can now “implement one-click payments in their application without needing to worry about the core payments infrastructure.”

He cites a use case of its API which sees mobile game developers like ChopUp earning the lions’ share (70%) of their revenues when they integrate with Paga Connect. For example, gamers can connect their Paga wallets with ChopUp’s popular Monkey Post Street Soccer game and make in-app purchases instantly.

Paga is flipping the Telco driven digital goods business model on its head and will only charge 30% for micro-payments and give digital goods developers the lion share of their earnings, says Oviosu.

Already, companies such as MultiChoice (DStv & GOtv), Solo, and PayU are using Paga Connect to make payments easier which makes Paga’s goal with Paga Connect to make it easy to pay and get paid an achievable one.

With Paga Connect as an O-Auth 2.0 implementation, just like Facebook for Login, developers need not be worried anymore about receiving payments on their mobile apps.