This event will highlight insights from Mapping the Tech Sector in Lagos

A year ago, Endeavor Insight partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to study tech entrepreneurship in Lagos, Bangalore, and other cities in Africa and Asia, where over 350 tech entrepreneurs in Lagos were asked about their greatest challenges and goals.

The research explored how investors, support organizations, and other stakeholders can best empower tech entrepreneurs to grow and form productive networks, accelerating economic growth in Lagos.

As such, the results of the survey would be presented for the first time to guests at an invite-only event in Lagos on March 15.

The organisation says the results of the research will provide benchmarks on the status of the tech sector in Lagos, as well as recommendations for accelerating its development.

Endeavor Insight is the research division of Endeavor, a non-profit organisation that supports fast-growing entrepreneurs across the world.