This platform lets you buy treasury bills online

Treasury bills are one of the safest forms of investment, issued by the Central Bank and backed by the government. Simply put, when you buy treasury bills, you’re basically lending money to the government.

However, most people do not invest in it perhaps due to a lack of adequate information or general skepticism for investments in Nigeria.

Thanks to a new platform, Tbills, a PayWithCapture service brought to you by Access Bank Plc, you can now make the informed decision of purchasing treasury bills online with as low as N100,000 Naira.

But before you get too excited, you need to look up the FAQ section of the platform to read the fine print, which basically spells out what you need to know before you purchase. For example, you would not be able to sell your treasury bills before maturity booked via the platform and you would not be able to roll over your investment on the platform.

Of course, you can still buy treasury bills directly from any commercial bank in the usual way, but make sure that you get enough information from the bank before investing.