How Techloy’s coverage can boost your brand or startup visibility

Aug 25, 2019 · 3 min read
Mike Butcher (TechCrunch) and Loy Okezie (Techloy) during an Edtech summit in Dubai, March 2019.

Techloy is known for breaking news and analysis on the most innovative startups, disruptive technology and industry trends.

That’s why Techloy’s content sees over 250,000 monthly views on our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels combined. We’re proud of our over 42,000 unique and passionate monthly readers including entrepreneurs, investors, students and influencers in technology.

“Techloy is arguably Africa’s most authoritative technology blog.” — Forbes

We’re also excited about our social media engagement with over one million tweet impressions recorded so far in 2019. With a growing Twitter fanbase of over 12,400 and our Facebook community of over 8,500 fans plus our YouTube video views of over 220,000, Techloy’s content is both fast-engaging and far-reaching.

“Techloy and its reputation as the best site covering the African tech scene is well-deserved.” — Samara Lynn, Technology editor for Black Enterprise magazine and

To learn about Techloy’s custom content marketing solutions, download our media kit, with details on our offerings, including:

  • Video marketing (e.g apps, gadgets, games, startups promotional videos)
  • Event coverage (e.g real-time social media posts, product demos, tours)
  • Social media coverage (e.g Twitter Chats, Twitter Threads, IGTV)
  • Branded content (Content, video and podcast series on key topics)

How to get your startup or product featured on Techloy

When describing your startup, you can start with a problem you are solving, and then tell us how your startup would solve the problem. Using this form, provide as much information as possible and if we find your startup worth featuring, we would reach out to you to ask a few questions to assist us with telling your story.

You can equally provide as much information as you can about an app or game for a possible feature using this form. While describing your app, start with a problem you are solving, then tell us how the app would solve the problem. If you prefer video-based app features or video marketing, we would be glad to discuss the opportunity with you further.

For tech hubs and innovation labs across Africa, you may invite Techloy for tours and interviews with key personnel or send to us photos and updates of your hub activities for possible feature on the platform.

If you’re organising a startup or technology event in Africa and would like to partner with Techloy, you can provide information about your event using this form for a possible feature.

Having been cited, quoted and acknowledged by both local and international media like CNN, BBC, Forbes, you can be sure that you’re in good hands. For a discussion of content marketing solutions for your needs and budget, kindly get in touch via email.

Founded in 2008, Techloy is a digital news publication focused on covering the African technology industry.

Techloy | African technology news and startup culture

Techloy is a digital publication covering technology and innovation in Africa, since 2008.


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Covering news and insights about innovation and technology in Africa. Get in touch:

Techloy | African technology news and startup culture

Techloy is a digital publication covering technology and innovation in Africa, since 2008.

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