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Instagram Subscription Vs Patreon Subscription Page: The difference Between The Two

What is the difference between Instagram Vs Patreon Page?

Instagram Subscription Vs Patreon: What is the difference between the two?
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Creators have what it takes to change the world around them through the help of their talents, and skills. Subscription-based platforms such as Patreon and Instagram are helping creators to move forward with their goals and mission.

Creators need to be awarded for the hard work that they put forward, and this is done with the help of them being able to put a small price on the content that they produce.

Both Instagram subscription and Patreon subscription pages allow users to have a discreet feature that helps them to put a price on content that they produce and can be accessible to their fans who pay the fees.

With two renowned platforms offering subscription-based services, the next question that comes to mind for the content creators is, which one fits their needs? In this article, I will help to answer that by giving a comparison between the two Instagram subscriptions and Patreon subscription pages.

Why do creators need to earn money?

The answer to this question is simple: so that they can support themselves and keep on producing things that they are good at.

Creators being able to make money with the hard work that they do really helps them to grow and serve their followers in ways that they otherwise would not be able to. Secondly, many creators come from different parts of the world with each having its own challenges at the place.

Them having the ability to earn additional money and support themselves from it really makes a difference.

The majority of the creators are charging a very minimal fee which is around $5 to $10 a month.

While this may not make much of a difference for the people who are paying to get access to exclusive content from their favourite content creator, however, for the creator the story is different. They may have 100s of people paying this small fee, which makes a big difference once combined.

How can you be a successful subscription-based content creator? Tips and Tricks

Being able to earn a substantial amount of money from your subscription-based platform will take you a long time, with lots of hard work and personal branding. The following are the tips and tricks that will help you get there:

  • Consistency: when someone pays to see your exclusive content, they expect to see it much more often. If you are inconsistent, the chances are not only you are never getting more paid subscribers but the chances are your paid ones will also leave you. Consistency is difficult at the start but once you develop good habits, you will get through it.
  • Improving your content: if you stick to the same thing, your paid subscribers will get bored of it. So in order to be a successful subscription-based content creator, you will need to develop new skills to improve the quality of your existing content. If you make animated YouTube videos, you might want to further learn animation or animation software, will have to improve your drawing, or you might as well have to hire more people.
  • Build yourself as a personal brand: personal branding is very important and you will have to work very hard to make your name known in the niche you make content. You might have to give freebies such as ebooks, and tips every now and then, just to make sure the audience knows you have authority over the subject.
  • Promote yourself: you need to be present on social media and make sure you keep on promoting the link of your subscription page so that your followers know from where they can get access to the exclusive content you produce or just support you for the hard work that you do.

Using Fanvue as a Patreon and Instagram Alternative for starting a subscription-based fan page:

Fanvue is a platform where you as a creator can join and produce any content and make money. Fanvue is a better Patreon and Instagram alternative. They help you grow as well as provide state of the art customer support. Fanvue charges a 15% commission for the first 12 months and after that, they charge 20%.

On Fanvue, you can get paid in a few minutes compared to 4 to 5 working days on Patreon and Instagram. Also, they help you with the discovery of your content.

Who uses services offered by subscription-based platforms?

There is no restriction to who can offer services on a subscription-based platform, some websites might not be welcoming to the adult content but there is that. The following are the famous content creation niches whose creators use subscription-based platforms:

  • Podcasters
  • Musicians
  • Lyricists
  • Gamers
  • NGOs or Non-Profits
  • Education and Tutorials
  • Local business owners
  • Artists and Digital creators
  • Video creators or YouTubers
  • Journalists and Writers
  • Models
  • Designers

Instagram subscription Vs Patreon subscription: the difference between the two

The following includes the difference between Instagram and Patreon subscription pages:

1. Popularity:

Patreon is an authority on the subject as a subscription-based platform. Some of the most renowned YouTubers use Patreon. It has been there for years and many people are satisfied with the services offered by Patreon.

Instagram’s subscription page is quite new; it is still in its beta phase. The majority of the people simply have no idea about it since it is at the moment only being offered to a dozen people by Instagram.

2. The number of subscribers:

There is no denying that since Patreon is much more popular than Instagram therefore the number of subscribers on Patreon is much much higher.

Instagram does not even come close to Patreon. However, this may most likely change in the near future once Instagram eliminates its beta subscription version.

3. Fee structure:

Patreon’s platform fee is somewhere around 5% to 12% of what you make. You can easily withdraw with the help of Payoneer, PayPal, and Direct bank deposits.

Instagram has not revealed its platform fee yet, nor any information about where the funds can be withdrawn.

4. Type of content you can upload to Instagram Subscription Vs Patreon:

On Patreon, you can share content that ranges from videos, images, and audio files.

On Instagram, you can only share exclusive stories and posts with your paid subscribers. Something that puts a lot of control on what you can share and what not to.

5. Subscription plans:

Here, Patreon once again wins. Patreon allows three different types of subscription plans Lite, Pro to Premium. Premium is for big teams, but the lite and pro versions are for anyone. With the help of each plan, creators can offer different things to their loyal subscribers depending upon what they choose and what they do not choose.

Instagram only has one subscription plan of which you can put a price between $0.99 to $99. There are chances that this might change in the near future, but for now, this is what Instagram wants to proceed with.

Final verdict: Instagram subscription vs Patreon subscription. Which one is worth it?

With the help of the above-mentioned comparison, there is no denying that the winner between the two is Patreon. Patreon has just so many features and allows the users to be as flexible as they want to be with the pricing and content they wish.

On the other hand, Instagram is very new to the subscription business. It will take a few years for it to get the feel of what a subscription-based platform is and what it does. At this time, there is so much uncertainty around it as to when it will leave its beta phase, in how many regions will it be offered, and so on.

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