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Is Patreon Page Worth it? Patreon Review For Content Creators and Bloggers

Should you go for creating a page on Patreon?

Is the Patreon page worth it? Is it is worth creating a Patreon page? / Picture created by the author

If you want to invite people on a platform as a means to pay you in exchange for the content you produce online which can be anything from music to a blogpost to videos; then surely you have heard about Patreon. Over the past couple of years, Patreon has grown both in its popularity and in its users who are often quite famous in their niche.

In this article, I will nail down if you should be on Patreon or not, and is it worth all the hype for content creators & bloggers to have a Patreon page that you see every day on social media, or not?

Who uses Patreon? An overview of Patreon:

The people on Patreon are divided into two parts: creators and fans. Creators are those who create specific content and put a price on it. On the other hand, Fans are those who pay the fees of that specific creator whom they are interested in, allowing their exclusive creators to earn additional cash and keep on producing the content that they already are.

So people who use Patreon fall into these two categories. They are either on the platform to earn additional cash on what they do, or they are those who want to access their favourite creator’s exclusive content and appreciate them to create more. Patreon has a small fee in place allowing it to earn money.

Why does a creator need a Patreon Page?

There is no fixed answer to it, and hence it solely depends upon the creator. Do they need additional support for the content they produce? Do they want to expand their network and grow as a content creator? Do they want to buy some near gear so that their production improves? Or, simply, do they want to earn more cash through what they do which they can use to support themselves and their families.

Therefore, for a creator to create a Patreon Page solely depends upon their mission and their goals. By being on Patreon, it means they have more control over their content; allowing them to accept money from people and projects that they want to. Being on Patreon also allows them to have access to the addition of customers who may be interested in the type of content that they produce.

Patreon Alternatives:

There are many potential Patreon alternatives and one of the alternatives I recently found out about is Fanvue.

Fanvue is a platform where you can create video content and make money by getting paid subscribers, you can sell your videos, accept custom requests or communicate with your fans through messages, and let people tip you on the content you share on your page.

Fanvue is a lot better than Patreon in many ways you can have the option to get discovered and get fans organically, you can get paid in less than 30 minutes, and have the option to better understand your audience. Join Fanvue here as a creator.

Kind of content creators who can use Patreon:

The following are the types of page pitches on the Patreon’s site for its users:

  • Podcasters
  • Writers, Bloggers, and Journalists
  • Fine Artists and Digital Artists
  • Game developers
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Educational Tutorials
  • Local businesses
  • Video Creators

So from the above-mentioned list, it is obvious that the kind of creators on Patreon are generally from the creative industries who are out there creating unique and exclusive content for their communities and fans.

In addition, Patreon does not want to limit its’ uses and is also allowing local businesses and Nonprofit organizations to find some supporting partners for them to fund their services/causes, in a similar manner as that of GoFundMe does.

Patreon makes you a better Content Creator:

By being on Patreon as a content creator, the following are the ways that will help you be a better content creator. These include:

Honest Reviews:

The good thing about Patreon is that it helps you evade the spammers and trolls.

People who comment on your Patreon posts will be those who are paying to see the content and thus will leave a more genuine and honest review which will help you to produce better content the next time along with also producing content that is more “user” specific.

More interaction with fans:

Another great thing about being a content creator on Patreon is that it helps you interact with your fans in a more friendly and one-to-one manner.

Most content creators regularly ask questions to their fans regarding the content they produce and therefore help them to increase their fan interaction making their fans realize that their opinion and words are being heard, a strategy that makes paying fans more loyal since they know they are being heard.


Lastly, competition. You may disagree or agree with this one, but whenever there is competition, competition is what makes you work even harder and find a part of your potential that you remained unaware of.

Competition on Patreon is always growing, and content creators cannot take a break but rather keep on working to develop their skills.

Types of Patreon Subscription plans for your Page?

When it comes to a subscription plan, Patreon is a bit different. Patreon offers three different kinds of subscription plans for content creators. Each plan has its fee which lets you access different kinds of features.

1. Lite:

This is the most popular Patreon subscription plan and is famous among new content creators. In the Lite subscription plan, the platform fee is 5% (including the payment processing fee). It gives the users access to Patreon communication tools and workshops.

2. Pro:

Patreon Pro is used by creators who are popular among their audience and in order to grow further, they require access to some additional tools that are not available in the lite version.

The Pro version allows you to place different membership tiers, gives you access to analytics and insights, gives an option for you to place special offers through a “promo tool,” you can create a customer-led workshop, and have unlimited app integrations. The platform fee for a Pro subscription is 8% (including the payment processing fee).

The Pro version is the best for bloggers on Patreon as the analytics and insight tools are something that helps them better understand what kind of content their fans love.

3. Premium:

Patreon’s premium version is largely used by big teams because it allows the user to place a team account, along with a dedicated partner manager. It has all the features that come in Lite and Pro versions. The platform fee for a premium subscription is 12% (including the payment processing fee).

Additional benefits of Patreon Page for content creators and bloggers:

There is more to Patreon that makes having a Patreon page worth the struggle. These benefits include:

1. Speedy application process:

If you want to open an account on Patreon, the process takes about 5 or 10 minutes. All the user needs to do is set up their account, include some basic information that is asked, connect their social media accounts, and a payment method.

2. Payment methods:

The good thing about Patreon is that it accepts different kinds of payment methods from direct bank deposit, and PayPal to Payoneer. Withdrawing money from Patreon is not an issue.

3. Customer supports

Patreon has an excellent FAQ page for creator issues. If those issues are still not managed, you can contact the customer support who replies on time and resolve your issues at the earliest.

So, is the Patreon page worth having or not?

Patreon is not the crowdsource funding platform for everyone. Most of the time creators are looking to raise money for a specific one-time project. If that is the case then Patreon is not worth the hassle. However, for creators who want to stick long-term and keep on producing content that adds value to their fans then Patreon is a wonderful and safe place to have.

While it is not particularly used by Bloggers for blogging purposes, however, as long as you are producing continuous content which your fans love, no one cares.



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