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Patreon Vs YouTube Channel Membership Vs Fanvue Subscriptions

The difference between the Three Subscription Platforms

Patreon Vs YouTube channel Membership Vs Fanvue
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The demand for content is growing especially after 2022. Thanks to the internet, the way people consume content has changed since they want things specifically tailored to their liking.

This is why the creator’s economy is booming and is expected to do so in the coming years. Patreon, YouTube Channel Membership, and Fanvue are great places for a content creator, however, each platform offers something different to its user, and choosing the right platform will make a huge difference.

In this article, I will talk about all these three platforms and what will work the best for you so let’s get into it.

Who uses Patreon?

Patreon is said to be a place that allows content creators to be able to build the following list of loyal and paying subscribers. Patreon has several in-built features which are unique to it and gives the content creators an edge to better understand how their subscribers respond to the content they produce and how based on the data generated they can further best tailor for their needs.

Since Patreon bans adult content therefore it has become a platform for video creators, writers, journalists, artists, illustrators, YouTubers, bloggers, and so on.

Using the YouTube Membership feature as an Influencer

YouTube channel membership is rather something unique to YouTubers. It is YouTube’s way to give more power to the YouTubers being able to earn additional cash from what they already have. If you have over 1000 subscribers, only then you can sign up for a YouTuber Channel Membership.

The feature is quite new and is only suited for those YouTubers who already have a following of very dedicated followers who will go to every length to keep on watching their channel.

It is also pointless for others to sign up for it. Although YouTube aims to change that since its subscription-based model is very young and it is expected to see changes to give room for additional creators to also join it.

Who uses Fanvue?

Fanvue is another great platform that is more similar to Patreon rather than YouTube Channel membership. Being on Fanvue allows you to be able to become a content creator of literally any niche as long as it is of course legal. This is a reason why the majority of the content creators on Fanvue are adult content creators and precisely why Fanvue is known for adult content creators.

However, others use Fanvue which is not associated with adult content. This includes writers, storytellers, travel bloggers, video editors, artists, and so on.

Pros of Patreon vs YouTube Channel membership vs Fanvue:

The following are the Pros of each of the membership platforms:

Following are some of the pros of Patreon for using it as a membership platform:

  • There is simply no upfront cost for the content creator who wants to be on Patreon, so the whole sign-up process on Patreon is super easy and attractive.
  • Being a content creator on Patreon, you will be allowed to get paid regularly on the platform. This makes Patreon more like a fixed income where you put in a fixed amount of work and get paid accordingly.
  • The payment method on Patreon is amazing since it accepts PayPal, Bank accounts, and Payoneer, which works in over 150 countries.
  • The minimum amount you can place on your content is $1. While it may sound less but if you have 1000 followers and even if 20% decide to pay that $1 fee, you will be making $200.
  • You have the option to select three different kinds of subscription models so depending upon the platform fee is somewhere between 5% to 12%. There is a Lite, Pro, and Premium versions.

Pros of Using YouTube channel membership as an influencer:

  • Acts more like a partner program where if you have 1,000 followers, you can start earning from them.
  • Users are allowed to put three different prices.
  • The product is developing so new features will come along.
  • If you love to make videos, and already have a presence on YouTube then the chances are you will earn good revenue from this and your followers will grow.

Pros of Using Fanvue as a membership or a subscription-based platform:

  • The platform welcomes anyone on it. As long as no illegal stuff is done.
  • Fanvue provides you with fast payout options. You can get paid in 30 minutes compared to 30 days of YouTube membership and over 5 working days of Patreon.
  • The user experience is new, fresh, and vibrant. It is also very easy to navigate.
  • You can be discoverable as long as you are showing the platform that you are working hard.
  • The fee is 15% for the first 12 months and 20% after that.

Cons of Patreon vs YouTube Channel membership vs Fanvue:

The following are the cons of each platform:

Cons of using Patreon as a subscription platform:

  • Some of the fans might not like that the payment is deducted monthly from their account. It can make them feel anxious and they might withdraw from it.
  • Patreon is a bit professional. If you show serious commitment only then you will get noticed, otherwise, your profile will stay at the bottom.
  • There is no in-built advertisement feature so for subscribers to find you is very difficult. Unless or until someone specifically searches for you, there is hardly any way to find you. This is why to be successful on Patreon, you will need to have a good social media presence where you can promote your Patreon.
  • There is over a 5% credit card processing fee which is not something that is recommended.

Cons of using YouTube membership

  • Not available in every part of the world but is restricted to somewhere around 30 countries.
  • It only works if you produce videos. If you offer different kinds of content such as writing, art, journalism, and so on, it is just pointless because the YouTube channel membership is not for you.
  • Continuously developing since the feature is so new, there is a dire need for YouTube to work more on it and the platform is.
  • You are paying more for what people are paying less as the creator can set different rates but give you what they are giving to the others.
  • The YouTube Channel Membership has a 30% fee which is beyond high.

Cons of using Fanvue as a subscription platform

  • It is largely associated to be a substitute for OnlyFans and therefore despite the platform being much more than an adult subscription one, Fanvue is considered to be only for adult content.
  • The platform’s fee is 20% after 12 months, which many say should be less.
  • Less popular than OnlyFans because people just think it is for adult content and they go to OnlyFans for that.
  • The discoverability option does not work for many. While the platform says when they see a content creator is working hard, they will place their profile on the front page but that does not happen for all users.

Final Verdict: Patreon vs YouTube channel membership vs Fanvue, which should you choose?

The answer to this is subjective but you will need to conduct an assessment and see which works the best for you among the three. Here is a breakdown that might do the trick:

  • If you already have an established YouTube channel then it makes sense to stick to it because despite charging a 30% fee, it is still a great deal. After all, YouTube will be doing a lot of work for you.
  • If you are not into video creation and do not have a good following, you should join Patreon. While you will struggle on Patreon initially but it will eventually work for you.
  • If you are into adult content creation then the least censored place is Fanvue.



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