Data: Step One In Keeping TheMarketing Automation Funnel Flowing

You know how a funnel works, don’t you? It has a large opening, so you can dump in large quantities of a substance and direct it out through a small opening. Liquids and fine-grained substances flow through smoothly, exactly where and how intended. Bulky and irregularly-shaped substances, however, pose a problem. In this case, the funnel is nothing more than a jar with a hole at the bottom, containing rather than conducting substances.

In your marketing automation platform (MAP) funnel, data is the substance poured in at the top. Clean data flows through easily, ensuring the success of your programs and reporting. “Dirty” data, however — incomplete, bulky, clunky, redundant data — simply clogs up the works.

In my experience, bad data is the elephant in the room. There is; however, no ignoring data.Your MAP needs clean data to function. After all, the very first step in activating your nurturing program is pulling key data from your existing customer relationship management (CRM) system. Designing and running these MAP campaigns can pay huge dividends, but your efforts can be stopped up bad data. Success will be a direct result of working closely with a partner who can clean up and integrate your data before, during and after your MAP campaigns..

Technekes can get your funnel flowing. As a data-driven marketing company, we were cleaning, de-duping, augmenting and maintaining clients’ data long before marketing automation arrived on the horizon. And now, with more than 15 years of industry-specific, strategic, cross-channel campaigns under our belt, we can work with you to ensure that your MAP does what it’s designed to do — sell.

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Originally published at on June 23, 2016.

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