Beyond your Driveway: The Electrification Movement is EVerywhere

Madelyn Rutter
TechNexus Venture Collaborative
3 min readApr 6, 2022


What immediately comes to mind when you think of Electric Vehicles (or EVs)?

Maybe a Tesla plugged into a charging station off the freeway?

Your neighbor’s hybrid getting over 50MPG? (Impressive, especially with today’s rising gas prices.)

Or news headlines about premier auto manufacturers making bold commitments and EV launch plans by 2030. (See: Porsche | Stellantis | Toyota, for example.)

For most of us, we’ve got to dig a little deeper to associate the EV movement with all of the other fun (and functional) vehicles that might impact your day-to-day life.

What about all the modes of mobility from recreational to specialty vehicles — riding lawn mowers, snowmobiles, golf carts, speedboats, or maybe the RV you’re planning (or dream of planning) your next adventure in? Or even public service transportation like school buses, scooters, postal vans, fire trucks, and ambulances?

Tesla and Rivian might become the first EV household brands to define the mainstream and become synonymous with this emerging category, but recreational and specialty vehicle manufacturers like THOR Industries, Brunswick, John Deere, Textron, MOOG, and Rosenbauer are also committing to and accelerating innovative solutions across a broader spectrum in ways that impact EVeryday life far too frequently to be overlooked or passively disregarded. (I mean, c’mon, a Connected and Electrified Airstream travel trailer that can power and park itself with an app? Now, that’s pretty cool!)

And often, these recreational and specialty vehicle manufacturers can develop and go to market with new vehicle innovations more quickly than their heavily-regulated automotive counterparts. So, before you know it, your first encounter with a new EV might be when you’re hitting the water on a jetski over the weekend.

At TechNexus Venture Collaborative, we’re an integral part of the specialty vehicle ecosystem, focusing on helping ambitious manufacturers redefine themselves and stake a claim in the shifting mobility landscape.

Our work empowers CEOs from leading marine, RV, and specialty truck industries to curate their own venture ecosystems through capital investment and collaboration with technologists on the frontiers of autonomy and computer visioning, from ventures like Sea Machines, AI Reverie (acquired by Meta), and Edgybees. We also advise and mentor young entrepreneurs developing core battery tech, like Natrion and H3X; and gain valuable industry insight to guide our theses from today’s most cutting-edge innovators laser-focused on rethinking our global mobility and transportation challenges.

A selection of mobility-focused ventures within the TechNexus portfolio

So, what is your EV motivation? Are you ready to take charge? If so, shoot me a message or comment below, and I will gladly connect you to some of these dynamic mobility players.