Investing with Speed, Powered by Collaboration: Announcing Our Investment in C360

On behalf of TechNexus Venture Collaborative, we are proud to share that C360 Technologies, a video processing platform delivering high-quality immersive experiences, has joined our portfolio. Using cutting-edge technology, C360’s video and data processing platform is able to capture and transmit highly customizable and immersive video content with a very small camera footprint and no humans on location. They are leading the next generation of immersive content and focused on offering streams for innovative, augmented, virtual, and extended realities.

C360 is an engineering-focused organization, and the product team has proven its ability to create compelling processing solutions for its customers. Since its founding in 2012, C360 has focused on serving elite sports leagues/broadcasters, and the aerospace & defense industry. Their technology was used this year at the Superbowl LVI, and has been utilized by major sports leagues and news networks, such as Fox Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN, TNT, NASCAR, NFL, NHL, UFC, and major brands like Google and Intel.

But, the demand for immersive content is rising quickly, as new buyer types are emerging alongside C360’s core verticals of sports and A&D. C360 has a differentiated and patent-protected solution to serve this surge in demand.

In a recent episode of Icons and Insights, TechNexus Investor, Lewis Burik, joined C360 CEO, Howard Wright, to talk about leveraging the power of collaboration to fund the right start-ups faster. Lewis shares that it didn’t take long to become fans of Howard and C360, “We’re big believers in immersive content as a category: next-gen, audio, visual, experiences, etc., and C360 is in a unique position to win in that space given their innovative, leading technology and proven ability to execute.”

To learn more about C360 Technologies, visit their website.


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