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2022 Writing Challenge

The fulfillment of creative writing goals

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2022 came with new promises and we can only hope it is a good year. We are all here because we love writing, and some because they love reading. I set myself to fulfill the following Creative Writing goals for 2022.

First, I want to finish the first draft of my novel which I have been writing since 2020. And then my Vocal Media challenge which is to write in 17 categories I selected out of their 33. They call it communities but either way it is the main topic.

I will update this article as I reach new milestones in this exciting project. You too can take on the challenge to write in as many Vocal Media main topics as possible. The only condition is that it is meaningful content and no empty viral stuff. Everything I write about has a take-away value, either implicitly or through an actionable list.

I promised to write interesting or amusing articles in 17 categories/communities I selected. They have 33 main topics. So far 3 of 17 published.

✅ Published in Psyche which is an open conversation about mental health, stories, experiences, advice, and real life. This was a personal tale about my fourth transatlantic emigration.

🏷Tags: Work abroad, Emigration, Family.

✅ Published in Journal: we spend one third of our lives stressing about it, thinking about it, talking about it, and doing it. I wrote it after 7 months on Medium when I was finally won over by Vocal Media and its advantages. It summarizes my journey into producing good content (not viral fluff) and earning something tangible in the process.

🏷Tags: Money, Side income, Freelance, Writing.

✅ Published in 01: Your source for all things tech. Bringing us into the future, one technological advancement at a time. This is Part-I of a series of technical articles about being smart buying smartphones.

🏷Tags: Technology, Mobile, Smartphone.

These are milestones of the challenge that I must still complete before the end of the year. I think I chose too many. Those with 🟠 are topics for which I already know what I am going to write about. The topics with 🟡 I chose but have no clue what I will write. Finally, those with 🟢 are already in progress or already in the editorial phase (submitted).

Will you take on the challenge?

🟠 Wheel. For anyone that drives a car, the wheel is for car lovers, enthusiasts, and first-time drivers. Content of the article to be defined.

🟠 Wander. Where to go, where to stay, what to do, get trapped like a tourist or lost off the beaten path. Content of the article to be defined.

🟠 Confessions. Romantic fails, workplace drama, childish pranks, revelations, and all shades of cringe live on Confessions. Content of the article to be defined.

🟡 Earth. Everything about the amazing planet we call home. Content of the article to be defined.

🟡 Families. Family relationships, in all their complicated glory. It explores the intricacies of being parents, siblings, mentors, and friends. Content of the article to be defined.

🟢 Fiction. Calling all Ernest Hemingways, Toni Morrisons, Stephen Kings of the world, Fiction is the place for your story to run wild. Content of the article to be defined

🟡 Futurism. The intersection of science and science fiction, a true glimpse into the future. Content of the article to be defined.

🟠 Gamers. For people who love gaming, uniting the world of the virtual world of gaming one player at a time. Content of the article to be defined.

🟡 Horror. The stuff of nightmares and all things fright. Content of the article to be defined.

🟡 Humans. Single, married, other. Humans is all about relationships. Content of the article to be defined.

🟡 Life Hack. Make your life easier. Hack into your daily routine with lifehacks, your source for all things DIY. Content of the article to be defined.

🟠 Styled. What to wear, celebrity looks, and the latest trends can all be found on Styled, a community for fashion lovers. Content of the article to be defined.

🟠 Swamp. Examines the crazy but true world of Politics. Discover the voice of the people. Content of the article to be defined.

🟡 Education. For the student, teacher, valedictorian, dropout, and everyone in between. Content of the article to be defined.

Be sure to check out Vocal’s communities (main subjects) or better yet, you can Join Vocal+ Now!.

Affiliate links present but it will cost you NOTHING extra.

Back in 2020, I found a course titled “Write your first novel”. The course wasn’t what I expected because the instructor didn’t teach anything. It was more of a hands-on project. But, at least I had finished a Creative Writing Specialization so I had the knowledge.

I had to find something to write about for that course. I brainstormed for a little while and in about 30 minutes I came up with a sustainable plot with various endings.

Current Status: 5 chapters written and reviewed.



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