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5 Smart Technologies Which Will Revolutionize Business In 2030

No one can deny the fact that future is in adapting to the everyday changing realities in every walk of life.

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We are breathing in the 21st century and we admire the reality of revolutionary changes due to technologies in this century. Well. No doubt these technologies change the way of living, communication, and work.

In this world of competition where everybody tried to cross the others, we also need “downtime” in our busy schedule. So everybody looks for some alternate way to think less, work less and most importantly relax more. So we enter smart technologies in our business to avoid unnecessary efforts and also save our time that can be used in another activity.

Here we are talking about smart technologies ,the word “smart” refers to “self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology”. Ongoing year’s Smart technologies included machine learning, smart car, and touch-screen smart phones.

Now in the coming years, it’s the turn of artificial intelligence for the next phases of innovation. The word “smart” will go off with a bang in the coming years. Let’s look very briefly at such five examples of smart technologies that are perhaps implemented on large scale in business in coming years when the technology will replace by people.


IoT stands for “Internet of things” in simple words IoT generates a connection between devices immediately and collects all required information in no time without any human mediation. IoT applications have a huge network and in the coming years, all networks will emerge for producing more convenient ways in business. In the future through IoT technologies employees of many companies will interact with others and also with machines in real-time over a huge distance. Both individuals will try the same circumstances as they exploit individually.


This technology is inter-linked with IoT and this technology is also going to change the world by its uniqueness of small size. We all want a bundle of benefits in tiny packages. The “Smart Dust” technology relates to tiny sensors that can detect and monitor things such as vibration, movements, and also temperature. In the future with this smart dust technology, we can collect cloud-based data and quantum data with tiny sensors to meet the business requirements and for rising market growth.


It is a project management tool, accessible in the form of software as a service solution. This software is approached over the internet. Through this technology, the user can manage, create, and share projects and tasks with an authentic approach. Amazon mechanical truck is a big example of this technology. In the future, this technology will lead the business on another level where all users through crowd sourcing websites hire “crowd workers” to perform different tasks the computer couldn’t do.


For security purpose businessmen or owners of factories used small CCTV cameras which are set up all around the area for security purposes. Drones are recently used in agriculture for spreading seed, on Amazon for delivery purposes, and also in the film-making process. In the coming years, this technology will be expanding on a large scale to expand the business and also reduce human efforts, time, money, etc.


Robots technologies are already under-processed in blue-collar industries, but soon these robots will be disrupting white-collar industries. In business, these robots reduce time, cost and increase efficiency and quality. Robots can also = reduce the needs of managers.



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