Do You Want People To Consume Your Content?

Make Sure To Use This Technique To Get Other People’s Attention.

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5 min readDec 13, 2021


Open-Loop: Spark Interest And Introduce Another Topic.

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“It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.”


Why is nobody consuming your content?

Why is less information more?

How to keep people engaged in the attention war era?

We all spend so much time getting our message across the board.

We often think storytelling is only for writers, directors, or TED speakers.

Yet we all tell stories in so many areas of our life:

When we interview for a job,

When we want to share what happened to us with friends and family,

When we answer the question about what we did the last weekend,

When we tell bed stories to our children,

When we do a presentation at work,

We are storytellers each time we tell something that happened to us in the past.

We all communicate daily, whether we like it or not. Yet often, we feel frustrated when other people don’t get the message.

We are even more disappointed when they don’t pay attention when we share our fantastic story.

We may think that our story is fantastic.

Yet we must ask ourselves the following question:

Are we telling it in a compelling way that keeps other people engaged?

Before discussing the ultimate secret of telling the best stories ever, let us explore why we want to tell stories in the first place.

We tell stories for the 3 main following reasons:

To empathize: we want to build a connection…



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