How To Become a Ghostwriter — Tips from a Fortune 500 Speechwriter

Accumulate credibility, make and cultivate the right contacts, and create a directional flow for your readers

Pablo Andreu


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I started my career in public relations. Today, I write speeches and bylined articles for the C-suite at Fortune 500 companies. It took me a long time to get from PR to corporate ghostwriting, but that’s only because I didn’t have the road map. Here’s what I wish I knew 20 years ago:

Third-party validation is key

You can always freelance

Early on in my career in PR, I attempted to pivot to journalism, envisioning a future in which I would be the author of a nationally syndicated column (Is that even a thing anymore?). It took me five years to realize I didn’t need to transition to journalism to write. I could write for publications on the side.

Build up your clips

The New York Times was the first major media outlet to publish my writing. That clip gave me confidence and emboldened me to pitch other publications. Little by little, I built up my portfolio. The problem was I didn’t do anything with it at the time because I didn’t know any better. You have to get the most out of your…