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How To Entrance Readers With Hypnotic Writing Like Master Screenwriters and Authors

Creating magic using hypnotic writing

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Want to be an award-winning writer?

Want your stories to be remembered and reread throughout the world, for decades?

Want your entrancing words to be repeated by people in the present as well as on the lips of people in the future? Simply because you give readers that love at first sight experience and get them to fall in love with what you say.

Learn Hypnotic Writing from the Masters

Do what the successful screenplay writer or a renowned fiction writer does.

They develop the craft of “mesmerizing writing.” The craft of “hypnotic writing.” In Hypnotic Writing, How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words, Joe Vitale says, you apply the secrets of how to “use words in a more hypnotic way to get better results.”

Results like being able to “capture more readers and keep them longer.” Results like making your writing “stand out in a crowd.” Results like increasing your “ability to communicate and persuade” to get more sales.

You learn to spark a reader’s response from “I don’t get it,” to … “I get your point!” so they’re entranced and flow fluidly from point to point down to the last word.

You learn to mesmerize and enter a reader by altering the trance-like state of human unconscious sleepwalking. And putting readers into a “waking trance.”

“A waking trance is a concentration of attention,” says Vitale. “Hypnotic Writing is a form of waking hypnosis. It is characterized by a focus of attention. It is a trance state where you are wide awake but focused on something you are reading.”

He goes on to say, “Hypnotic writing achieves this state by the right use of words to create mental experiences.”

In other words, you enter your readers by “intentionally using words to guide people into a focused mental state…” When your reader is entranced, she’s so focused on your words, that she can’t stop reading.

For your words command a reader’s attention by using the power of suggestion.

The Hypnotic Power of Suggestion

By developing the power of suggestion, you increase your power of persuasion. You become so skilled at entrancing readers that you become a master word MAGICIAN

mystifying audiences by guiding their imagination with creative ideas that activate the neurons in a reader’s brain.

A master words magician manages a reader’s attention by generating images that capture imagination and attention and ‘nails’ readers to your story.

Create Hypnotic Glimpses into Character’s Psyche

When you become skilled at hypnotic writing, you become like that hypnotic magician everyone admires. You develop the ability to create memorable awe-inspiring glimpses that illuminate your characters’ idiosyncrasies … activating the sensory nodes in your reader’s brain. You hypnotize and entrance your readers.

Like in the award-winning movie Out of Africa where scriptwriter Kurt Luedtke and author Isak Dinesen intrigue us in the opening.

A woman narrator speaks:

“He even took the gramophone on safari, 3 rifles, supplies for a week, and Mozart. He began our friendship with a gift, and later, not long before Tsavo, he gave me another gift: an incredible gift. A glimpse of the world through God’s eye. And I thought, “yes. I see. This is the way it was intended.”

Hypnotic Writing is a SHIFT of Consciousness

That opening takes you far away from your everyday world of time schedules, workday routines, and children’s antics.

For there is a shift in consciousness in your reader. Hypnotic writing puts you deep into a world in another time, into a world of wonder, a world of intriguing incidents, a world of suggested suspense.

You do it by writing scenes that SHIFT your reader’s perceptions by playing on their six senses: sight, hearing, imagination, feelings, taste, and touch.

You supply your readers with the MAGIC of the written word. You mesmerize audiences with golden insights into your character’s inner world.

You reveal your characters' innermost feelings, their private secret reactions to the outer world.

Hypnotic Writers Evoke Raw Emotions

Like prolific writer Jim Harrison and screenplay writers, Susan Shilliday and William D. Wittliff make magic when they depict the feeling of Alfred Ludlow being smitten by Susannah in the movie Legends of the Fall.

Months after his youngest brother Samuel died in the war, Alfred says to Samuel’s grieving fiancée at Samuel’s grave sight,

“Susannah, you know how much I loved Samuel. And I think you know … Out of respect for him I want to say it in this place … I think you know that I‘m in love with you. From the first moment, I saw you. Like in a novel. That’s my mother’s overblown imagination coming out in me, I suppose.”

She looks down, deep in thought.

He said, “you’re not making this very easy for me, Susannah.”

“Sorry, she says sadly.

“Is there any hope that you could learn to love me?” Alfred pleads.

You actually feel his longing, his doubt and uncertainty, his almost desperate desire to grab her and take her in his arms.

Hypnotic Writing Makes Words Come Alive

The magic is created, according to Vitale, in Hypnotic Writing, where you “make every line ACTIVE and PERSONAL and ALIVE!”

For you’re learning to create mental adventures where those gripping images of character interactions activate the sensory neurons in a reader’s brain.

The human brain interprets a story as if what is seen, heard, and imagined, is actually felt, touched, and tasted.

As if the story is their reality.

The Grip of Hypnotic Writing On Reader's Brain

Hypnotic writing grips your reader’s brain emotionally.

Like Harrison, Shilliday, and Wittliff also did when Tristan, Alfred’s only living brother, finally came home from the war.

Susannah finds Tristan huddled on the ground next to his younger brother, Samuel’s, tombstone, sobbing. She climbs off her horse, kneels down, and hugs him. They ride back to the ranch together, dismount, and gaze longingly into each other’s eyes.

At suppertime, they join Colonel Ludlow and Alfred at the dining room table. Suddenly, Alfred asked Tristan in a biting voice: “have a nice ride today?”

Tristan quickly jumped up, said “excuse me father,” and bolted out the door.

Susannah ran after him and caught up with him outside. He turned toward her and kissed her passionately. And …

The next morning Alfred joined Tristan on the porch and asked Tristan: “when are you planning to be married?”

Tristan silently hunched over the porch railing. Albert approached him, saying, “Damn you, Tristan. You will marry her!”

“Make an honest woman of her?” said Trystan.

“YES!” yelled Albert. ”God damn you to hell!”

“Yes, I will marry her. If she’ll have me,” said Tristan.

“If she’ll have you?” questioned Alfred. “Do you love her? Or did you seduce her just to spite me?”

Hypnotic Writing Sparks Raw Emotions

Word masters screenwriters and authors know how to write vivid gripping scenes with intense, moving dialogue that sparks raw emotions in their audience. And studying their work, paying attention to their words, teaches wannabee word magicians how to create those mental adventures where gripping images of character interactions activate a reader’s natural, yet often nasty, reactions …

By igniting their passions. Prejudices. And deluded perceptions.

And, especially by arousing their anger and resentments.

Hypnotic Writing Entrances by Engaging the Inner Psyche

Masterful word magicians teach novice writers how to entrance their audience by engaging in the Magic of delving into the inner psyche.

They teach you how to create the Magic that moves your audience with genuine insightful conversations. Like this one in Legends of the Fall:

Susannah says, “Tristan if we have a boy, I’d like to call him Samuel. And if it’s a girl, Isabel.” She hugs him close and says, “I still love you. And you’ll tolerate me because of how much I love you.”

The audience actually feels her need for him, her need to connect with him, in spite of his detachment.

Newbie writers learn to make magic by moving audiences with genuine illuminating confessions.

Hypnotic Writing Entrances with Goosebump-Raising Crisis

Learning to write hypnotic passages is also learning to create the Magic of memorable action, like a goosebump-raising intriguing crisis.

Like when the Baroness in Out of Africa lopes leisurely through the wildly luscious greenery of the African savannah. She stops in a peaceful nook of grass and trees. Climbs off her horse. Surveys the countryside’s beautiful, entrancing splendor through the lens of her binoculars.

Until … her horse suddenly whinnies. She turns her head to see her horse fleeing in the direction they had come from.

Then a low, snarling growl grabs her attention. Shaking with fear, she quickly turns her head and attention to the world close to her…

and sees a lion crouching in the bushes ten strides away from her. Her heart skips. Her pulse quickens. Her hands are cold and damp.

She quickly steps backward… toward the tree behind her. But before she can turn to run …

“I wouldn’t run,” says Denys’ voice, behind her. ”If you do, she’ll think you’re something good to eat.”

He raises his rifle and aims …

She stutters from fear: “Have you … Do you, uh, have a gun?”

“She won’t like the smell of you,” says Denys.

Lion growls again. “Shoot … Shoot it!” she shrieks.

“She’s had breakfast,” he says.

“Please shoot her,” she pleads desperately.

“No. Let’s give her a moment,” he says.

The lion steps closer to her. “Oh my God! Shoot her!“ she begs him, terror in her voice.

The lion steps even closer … and suddenly veers away and disappears.

Now angry, she turns toward Denys. “Just how much closer did you expect to let her come?” she fumes.

“A bit,” he said, walking toward her. “She wanted to see if you’d run. That’s how they decide. A lot like people that way.”

Hypnotic Writing Experience: It’s Happening To You

When you can write a scene like you were actually there like it was happening to you, like a true master, the word magician in you is growing stronger. And more vibrant.

For the most masterful words magicians, like Louedtke and Dinesen, manifest the ability to grab the reader with intriguing characters in action — an action that awakens our sensory nodes. Action that, according to research, creates the sensation in our brain of actually experiencing it happening. NOW!

But how do they really do it, you wonder? What do they do that makes their words so powerful?

The truth is, creating vivid, memorable scenes like a master's word magician doesn’t just happen in one magical moment. It doesn’t happen in the first draft. And not even the second draft.

Hypnotic Writing is Rewriting

“If you want to create writing that NAILS your readers to the page, WORK AT IT!” says Vitale. He reveals:

“Rewriting is the secret here. You rewrite and rewrite — always working to make your lines riveting — and you don’t stop until you’ve succeeded.”

Vitale explains every sentence must be aimed at keeping the reader’s attention. Keeping the reader reading. And if you don’t “nail your reader to the page” with every word, your reader will be gone in a flash.

He says there are so many things that distract a reader that “you don’t have a choice. You must rewrite your material to perfection.

Making Hypnotic Writing Breathe

Vitale explains further that it’s in the rewriting where writers

“create writing that walks, talks, and breathes!”

“You take what you have and you whittle it — sculpt it — polish it — to perfection,” he states.

You perfect your skill of word mastery.

Vitale advises that when rewriting, you need to choose the most powerful words you can find. You use “the most direct word” instead of an abstract word.

So you use words that produce vivid images in readers’ minds. Words like ‘lingering gaze’ instead saying they looked at each other. And ‘mumble’ instead of said.

He also advises us to use similes, such as “he roared like an angry bull elephant.”

And he also advises aspiring word magicians to use quotes and dialogue in your writing.

Vitale says a thesaurus, a book of similes, and a book of quotes are “all strong tools to help you create irresistible writing.”

How to Make Hypnotic Writing Irresistible

Rewriting is the MAGIC that manifests ability into the genius of irresistible creations.

So, to make your writing entrancing. take the advice of successful screenwriters and authors, the master word magicians — and rewrite.

As E.B. White says: “There is no great writing, only great rewriting.”

The Kicker of Hypnotic Writing

Entrancing your reader with hypnotic writing is the way to climb into their mind to get their attention. And all it takes is using the power of suggestive words to become a well-read author.

Become a word magician who uses hypnotic writing and the power of suggestion to entrance readers. Use that power to hold your audience’s attention in your capable hands. And keep her there throughout your story.

Entrance your reader so you command her attention in every story you write. Then you will capture your reader's attention and she will read everything you write. Forever.



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