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I Got My Highest-Paying Client Last Month. Here Are 5 Things I Did to Make It Happen

The process is simple. But not easy.

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I’ve been working as a freelancer for 2 years now. First-year was struggling to understand a lot of things. Now that I was a new writer, I had been working as a writer for a year and a half with an agency. But freelancing is different.

I recently had my highest paying client, yet. After a lot of trials and errors, I feel like I’m credible to talk about how to land some good quality clients as a freelancer.

Before we start, the process is simple. But It’s not easy.

1. Build a solid portfolio

Your portfolio is “show, don’t tell” if you have a solid portfolio half work is done

I’ve got a website with some of my good work and I also use my medium articles as a portfolio.

2. Have some numbers to add to your case study

I’ve gone viral on Twitter. I’ve got thousands of views on medium and LinkedIn. This helped me build authority.

If you have strong numbers supporting you, you can go as high as you want.

3. Make a lead magnet (or buzz piece)

Okay, this requires you the same effort as a website does. Make a lead magnet. It could be an eBook, a checklist, or anything that shows you as an Authority.

I wrote an eBook, self-published it on amazing, and sent it as an incentive to my email subscriber. And I also sent the eBook as a gift in my emails and DMs

4. Cold Outreach

I know you must be thinking, “I knew this was coming”, but here’s the thing, you need to get eyes on your offer, you wither share a lot of content or you DM, or you do both. I did a mix of both.

I used to send my eBook as a gift to my LinkedIn connections and share it in my cold emails.

5. Crafting an irresistible offer

Alex Hormozi writes in his book, that your offer should be so persuasive that your prospects feel stupid saying no.

I created an offer that you only pay me a 50% advance amount at the beginning of the project, and you pay the rest when you get the promised results or I work for free until I get results.

This was a massive change in my offer that made it super easy for my prospects to trust me and made me a better copywriter too.



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