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I Reached a Milestone on Vocal. media Today

But it is hardly worth mentioning

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I can’t be exactly sure when I first posted on Vocal, but my earliest stories state they were posted ‘about a year ago. I didn’t join as a paying member immediately but I have been regularly paying my subscription for 9 months.

There have been a few bonuses along the way but sadly I never managed to win anything on the challenges.

So what is the milestone that I alluded to in the title?

Today I reached the grand total of 1 dollar earnings from reads. After a year and submitting 83 stories, I think I would have had more success standing outside my gate with a begging bowl.

A story that has earned me several hundred dollars on Medium netted exactly 2 cents.

This year I am trying to take stock of where I am in my writing career and complete a number of unfinished projects. Time spent on Vocal has not brought me fame, that is for sure.

I don’t like giving up on anything. Perhaps that is why I have so many unfinished projects lying around, in both categories of writing and craft, but in the year that I turn 70, I need to stop trying to do everything and manage my time better.

There is one more challenge I entered on Vocal, and the results will be out on the 11th of February. The chance of success is extremely small, but I shall wait to see the results before I cancel my subscription.




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