My Earnings 2×x Increased This April as a Friend of Medium.

I didn’t expect to earn that much this month with the new strategy.


Screenshot of my earnings made with Medium Stats — FREE Chrome Extension

That is the third month when I started to earn with Medium Partner Program.

It feels like not many writers on Medium are willing to share information about their earnings. So I decided to create my monthly summary earning report and hope that it will be helpful for the writers who just started to write and earn with the Medium Partners Program.

So, this month I got 2 days of peaks when I earned more than $7/day. Which surprises me a lot, usually, I get $1.5 — $3 daily.

What have I done differently those days when I earned $7/day?

Of course, I have published my articles in different publication previously, but never got that much boost of earnings and interactions.

Where did I publish this time?

I published three of my stories in publications:

  • World's Garden — a publication for everyone, 1,000-word maximum posts about anything and everything.

* The publication has 2.4K followers but accepts drafts only. But publishing there