Save Yourself From Copying And Pasting Things Endlessly With A Keyboard Shortcut

Choose from the last 16 things you copied

Nikki Waterson


Photo by Xavi Cabrera on Unsplash

After my recent article on how to quickly split two programs across your screen in Windows, I decided that there are other minuscule items of knowledge I have about Windows usability that I could share with the world.

You know when you accidentally copy and lose something of your clipboard that you still need to paste somewhere?

Sometimes it feels like you’re in an endless copy-paste flurry, overwriting copy after copy until you want to hit your PC with a hammer.

The Keyboard Shortcut

Windows Key + V

This magical keyboard shortcut will open a small box, like the one shown in the screenshot below. And that box lets you choose from your last 16 ‘copies’ to past.

And, it even works for images!

Screenshot taken by the author of this draft article and clipboard screen © Nikki Waterson

See those red X’s? Those are images (screenshots I’d taken before I got the one I wanted). That blue line? That’s where you can scroll down and see the other copied text and images that you have…