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The Hidden Commenting Strategy For LinkedIn

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Commenting on LinkedIn works like a passive strategy for growth. It could help you in building an audience, network with people, and ultimately attract clients for your business.

Before you start commenting

Are you clear on your target audience? Who is it that you want to attract to your profile? Write that down and be as specific as possible.

Connect with your target audience and this will show their posts on your feed.

If you’re not connected with a lot of folks, or you’ve had challenges in getting your invite accepted. Use the search feature on LinkedIn.

Use the search feature

Search for keywords about your niche or your service. If you offer graphic design services, search for product design.

If you are a corporate trainer, search for employee training. Try to find different variations of your keywords and search for them.

The search will show you people working in the industry, scroll through their posts and find opportunities to comment.

the search will also show you posts with that particular keyword, pick a good post, and comment.

Two kinds of posts you want to comment on

1. Posts by our target audience

You are already clear on the target audience; find those people and comment on them. They might now have very high engagement, and you’ll be highlighted soon on their profile.

Even if they have a high engagement on their posts, you commenting on them 5–7 times will make them notice you.

2. Posts consumed by our target audience

These are the posts by leaders in your industry. They normally get huge traction on their posts. When you comment on their posts, their audience will see you and if they like you, they will give you a follow.

A very good friend of mine had his most high-paying client using this kind of strategy (With like, relevant comments, and content).

What should you comment?

More than 80% of LinkedIn users make the wrong kind of comments.

Commenting with “I Agree” or “Commenting for better reach” (or the hilarious version CFBR) will not help.

Your comment should contribute to the discussion. If you agree with them add supporting points. If you disagree, let them know why in a polite manner.

If you think you have some value to add about that topic since it’s your niche. Do that.

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