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This One Advice From Gary Halbert Will Transform Your Copywriting Career

Sadly, a very few copywriters understand it.

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The Boron Letters were written as letters, from a father to a son. And, as a caring father, he gives him some exceptionally good advice.

The first two letters of Gary Halbert — or chapters in the book — are about road work and eating healthy.

As I’m writing this, I’ve come from a 3-mile hike. And penning down the realizations on this one hike might need a book.

The thing is when you put yourself through a physical task, your mind opens up. You think clearly. There is no way you could write a crazy-good-drop-dead copy with an unclear head.

Joseph Sugarman used to advise his students — and writes this in his book too — when you do some good research about the product you are writing or marketing for, and you need to come up with a big idea to promote it, you need to get your subconscious to work on it.

In the book Psycho-cybernetics, author Maxwell Maltz shares how our subconscious could come up with massive ideas. And, this happens when we step away from our desks.

When you are exercising, running, or hiking, or as Gary Halbert called it — Road work, you are giving space to your head to think clearly. There is a reason why Standford researchers found an increase in creativity by 60% after a long walk.



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