Top 50 Selected Digital Influencers in 2019

My aim is to introduce the selection criteria to become an influencer in social media and digital world, the measurement method, how to recognise genuine and emerging influencers on the market, and provide you with a published chart including a list of top digital influencers recognised in 2019.

Dr Mehmet Yildiz
Jan 4 · 5 min read

I also provide my point of view on digital world, how we can make an influential difference, and invite my readers to start the thought leadership and dialogue by discussing and exploring this interesting topic from different angles, as Medium readers and authors, I strongly believe that, we have an opportunity to influence the digital content market globally. Join the conversation!

Do you know that we have emerging leaders and influencers in our Medium community? Let’s find them using a set of criteria!

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My High Level Point of View on Digital World

The digital world is exponentially growing affecting all industries globally. Our world is transforming constantly from all angles. The digital trends are shaping our world to new forms, capabilities, and value prepositions.

It is a frenetic transformation, with regional shares are changing, new markets are emerging, new ideas are coming to life, and new values are being created. Data is plummeting, and devices are exponentially increasing and being adopted by large populations. For example, China and India depict demonstrated adoption of high scale digital technologies by their massive population.

My views are reflected upon the challenges of the digital world and methods to deal with them from an architectural standpoint in my recent publication called Digital Intelligence: An innovative framework to digital transformation capabilities. My premise is that unless we architect the digital solutions with a design thinking approach, we will struggle to make a meaning out of it. Therefore I created a pragmatic method to architect digital transformation.

I also provide a point of view for digital intelligence for technology and data-driven entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs on Medium’s Data-Driven Investor publication.

What does it take to be a digital influencers?

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Based on effective use of their capability filters, the genuine digital influencers are constantly analysing trends, interpreting them with using established frameworks, creating recognisable patterns, and sharing the insights meaningfully with the consumers of the digital world.

The candidates for influence are assessed using a stringent criteria including the following four points:





My understanding of these sets of criteria is that, for digital leaders to be selected influencers, they need to make a substantial impact on their domains, their insights are relevant to the domain as being candidates, having a large audience to resonate their ideas, and they keep sharing their content meaningfully to create the required impact.

As a caveat, there may be other factors beyond my awareness and knowledge.

From process and technical point of view, these attributes are measured and ranked using metrics, data points, and algorithms in social media tracking tools such as Traackr.

By the way, even though I have contact tracker experience in corporate world in many digital transformation initiatives, I don’t have direct experience on social media tools on external public platforms but assuming they are similar to Medium’s content assessment algorithms which I am still trying to figure out as a new member and a novice author here. I would welcome any insights to help with my learning curve on Medium.

As a creator and consumer of the digital content, I follow and collaborate with some of the genuine influential leaders on social media. In my humble opinion, understanding the messages of these visionary leaders can be invaluable to make sense of this frenetic digital world.

Of course there are some hypes and speculations that we need to be aware at all times. Let’s keep in mind that, these influencers are not necessarily celebrities. Some of them have never been heard of by the followers of other domains.

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In addition, there are many self-credited influencers who keep sharing second-hand knowledge automatically and relentlessly to increase the number of their social followers and they use the term “influencer” on their profiles.

We need to be smart enough to gauge the credentials of these influencers, for example, by checking whether they really created any useful content or contributed to creation of new ideas on any credible collaboration forums.

50 Top Digital Influencer at the end of 2019

To this end, let me reveal a list of the recognised digital influencers of 2019 whom we can follow in 2020 and leverage their insights for our goals.

I want to provide a brief comment on the 1st and the 50th influencer in the list based on my experience and witnessing the input in social media.

By the way, I captured this table from a tweet by Kirk Borne’s on Twitter on Dec 13, 2019. As some of you may know Kirk is an eminent data scientist and researcher. Fascinatingly, Kirk is the only one who got 100% score in this assessment.

In addition, I know the last candidate (50th), Thomas Power for over a decade. Thomas, as a social media evangelist over a decade, provided me useful insights to find my way in this complex world and became a catalyst to disseminate my emerging content to the right audience at the right time and created considerable value to the digital communities in my domain.


Let’s start the dialogue on this interesting topic considering the following questions!

Do you follow influencers in your industry?

What is your expectation from influential leader?

What is your set of criteria to become an influencer in your domain?

What kind of value do you elicit in your dialogues with genuine influencers?

Are you or do you want to be an influencer in your domain of expertise?

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This publication covers high impact articles for leadership, innovative, architectural, & technical topics for emerging technology, process, methods, & productivity tools. The purpose is to inform startup entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs working in large business organisations.

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Technical Excellence

This publication covers high impact articles for leadership, innovative, architectural, & technical topics for emerging technology, process, methods, & productivity tools. The purpose is to inform startup entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs working in large business organisations.

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